Rainbow prayers flying high

In our ‘By Faith’ series we are following on Sunday mornings on YouTube as part of Church at Home we are finding out about different characters of faith in the bible mentioned in Hebrews 11. Last Sunday it was the turn of Noah in the faithful hall of fame! 

After years and years of conflict, God finds Noah, the only righteous man and chooses him to build an ark to save him, his family and two of every animal. Genesis 8 verse 1 says “But God….”.  The encouragement from this verse is that no matter how bad things look, we need to remember there is a “But God…”.  In other words, God can turn things round, God hasn’t left us and is interested in every part of our lives. 

During the online playlist, I invited all to go up to church at some point during the week if they were able, to choose a coloured ribbon from a box to tie onto a tree in the car park.  There is the option to write your “But God…”prayer on the ribbon or just say it as you fasten it to the tree.  The ribbons are a visual demonstration of our prayers and thoughts at this time as well as a reminder of God’s rainbow of hope and faithfulness to all those who pass the church.



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