Young… not so young? It really doesn’t matter. Here are 40 memorable moments for you to make during Lent

This morning during Playtime – that’s the name of Moortots’ weekly online broadcast Shelley told us about the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert and about how he prepared himself for the events of that first Easter.

She also introduced us to the idea of during Lent each of us spending just a few moments a day making 40 memorable moments. As you can see from the image above these aren’t too strenuous in that they range from making a mini den right through to having an outside picnic and guessing which raindrop will the first to reach the bottom of the window. 

Right now there are a supply of these Muddy Church 40 Memorable Moment sheets for you to pick up from a box in the MBC carpark, but if you can’t get up there don’t worry you can always download and print one out by clicking HERE.

The idea is that once each “task” is completed you tick it off by colouring the box in and before you know it Easter will be here. 



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