YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU! Painters, plumbers, electrical engineers… oh and also fetchers/carriers, sweeper uppers and tea makers

One of the most popular programmes on TV right now is The Repair Shop. If you haven’t seen it it’s a show which sees members of the public bring much loved but sadly either broken or shall we say on their last legs items to a team of experts who somehow manage to restore them to their full, former glory – and all within an hour!

Well, speaking with Rod Russell last Sunday he reminded me that some time ago he had offered to launch MBC’s own version of The Repair Shop that, maybe not to the standard of our TV experts, could nevertheless set about tackling some of the dozens of jobs that need doing right here at church.

So, if you are a highly skilled plumber, a fully certified electrical engineer or an apprentice trained painter and decorator your Church Needs You. However, on the other hand if like me you’re more at home fetching and carrying, sweeping up or maybe just making the tea don’t write yourself off because let’s be honest, without the likes of me and you the plumbers, the mechanics and the painters would be lost.

If you can offer some time and your skills please contact Rod direct by emailing    

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