Church at Home – LIVE – 10.45am and Family at Moortown, 28th June. Catch up here

Today both Church at Home and Family at Moortown continued to explore Paul’s letter to the Colossians, paying particular attention to the notion of treasures. Karen Ross’s reading was from Colossians chapter 1 verse 24 to chapter 2 verse 5 a passage in which Paul writes of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge which he says are hidden in the mystery of God, namely Christ. 

All through the past week Shelley had been asking us to send in pictures of our treasures, our “lockdown” treasures, pictures which amongst a whole host host of other things might record moments when we danced, sung, painted, baked or planted a flower. These treasures were then collected up and edited into a video which featured in both Church at Home and Family at Moortown.  

Today, as you can see from our picture the Laws family introduced our service with a live stream which you can watch again HERE.

The link to our pre-recorded material is HERE

For Family at Moortown CLICK HERE 



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