MBC support for Overseas Mission in 2021 and Onwards

BMS World Mission

2021 was a difficult year for MBC. However, despite the divisions leading to people leaving the church and the Covid pandemic meaning we were “Online only” for half the year, interest in and support for BMS World Mission has been more than maintained. It was significant that the first Sunday face to face service after lockdown was conducted by our Mission Partners John and Sue Wilson from Paris.Here are the financial figures for the Calendar Year 2021:

                        Church tithed giving                    £5,720

                        Monthly giving                            £1,565

                        Birthday Scheme (annual gifts)   £1,326

                        One – off Donations

                                    General                            £4,345

                                    I will Stand appeal           £4,900

                                    Uganda Children appeal  £1,416

This makes a total of £19,272 which is £4,500 more than any other year!

The monthly giving came from just 10 people of whom 1 has died and 2 have since left.

The Birthday Scheme came from 24 people of whom 3 have died and 5 since left.

The donations include some very large gifts from just 4 people.

To all who contributed to any of the above a VERY BIG THANK YOU.

It has been impossible to track all gifts as some have been sent directly to BMS rather than through the church and there are an unknown number of regular supporters of the 24:7 scheme who give in this way. We thank God for you all.

In addition, thank you to all who support our Mission Workers through Prayers – using Engage magazine and the Prayer Guide.

We have received regular news and prayer requests from our Mission Partners John and Sue Wilson in Paris and Mark and Andrea Hotchkin Drs in Bardai Chad. Their letters are posted via this Newsletter on the MBC website and are available by email. You can receive Engage, prayer letters or give financial support through monthly STO or the Birthday Scheme by contacting our BMS Rep Roger Robson on roger.robson1@ntlworld.com or 07929100598.

Thank you.

Other ways to support the work of the Gospel overseas by our church are

Support for Christopher and Bela Singh

Chris and Bela work for Radio Worldwide /WEC. Instead of travelling overseas in 2021 Chris has been conducting courses using online media. Chris’s daily “Fresh” thoughts reach a wide audience with much positive feedback. The Singhs rely on the financial support of this church and individuals giving regular support. Their arrangements through WEC have changed recently so they need to increase this support. Please consider prayerfully whether you can help and speak to them in church or contact them on Chris 07751413276 or chrisrww@gmail.com and Bela 07969471073.

Support for MAF

Anyone with experience of Mission in more remote parts of the world in Africa, Asia and Latin America know of the vital role of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). They provide air transport for goods and people to areas otherwise difficult to access.

If you are interested in learning more of MAF and supporting them, please contact David Casson on 07747440113 or on thecassonfamily@ntlworld.com

We are part of a Worldwide Church. Please consider how you can share in these ministries in 2022.

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