Moortown Baptist Church is being ‘reset’

As MBC heads into the autumn we shall continue to offer Church at Home and Family at Moortown alongside all our programmes for children, families, young people, adults and seniors outside the building. We are grateful for all who have and continue to lead these programmes.

We are reflecting on how things have been going over recent months and will be listening to individuals and groups across church in the coming weeks to learn what you value, need and want to take part in. So look out for this coming your way. In this way we will refresh all that we are doing in the coming months.

This is still our Moortown Baptist Church – it hasn’t stopped, but has been reset in many ways.

Home Groups and informal groups are a big part of this. In all, it is our aim for church to be open, accessible and vibrant as we focus on Jesus together.

In our planning we are being guided by asking what is meaningful, sustainable, safe and of course legal. We know church is being reset and is different in many ways and will continue to be so.

Now we are planning to open the church building to accompany all that is going on. As we consider the prayer, bible study, teaching and activities that we can offer we will be asking you what you want to come to into the building to do. That’s why last Sunday Margaret outlined how things will work and then Shona invited responses from you.

So MBC is focused now on what we are virtually, and in community and what we do in the building will simply be an accompaniment to this.

Our aim is to strengthen what we offer virtually (or online) with ideas for what you can do on your own or in your household and how you can connect with others in church even if you don’t come to the church building.

We know many of us are missing things like: meeting together, sharing in a church service for all, singing etc. However, things are quite different now. Church is being reset.

We also want to offer worthwhile activities in the church building that you would want to come to and help out with.

What to expect when you come to the building

When coming into the building things will be quite different as we follow advice and guidance which is constantly changing.

The first thing is to maintain 2 metre distance around each family group or household.  2 metres in our church is equivalent to 4 of our church chairs.

It will also be necessary to book in advance to come to a service, that’s why we are requesting that people book in with Kate Slater by the Thursday prior to the Sunday.  In booking in, Kate will require the names of all those attending in your family group, an email address and a telephone number. She will also need you to confirm that you are free of any Covid symptoms. We cannot accept block bookings as this will not be fair to ensure as many people as possible can attend over the weeks and booking in does not automatically mean you will have a place, again it will depend on numbers and ensuring the 2m distance is adhered to. Kate will let you know whether you will be able to attend on the Sunday or not.

When the church building does open we are requiring those who are attending to:

  • Wear a face mask. A face mask must be worn by anyone over 11 years old prior to entering the church building, unless you are exempt from wearing one.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Not shake hands with the welcome team, the welcomer will show you to your seats in the sanctuary
  • Not to wander around the sanctuary
  • If possible to have been to the toilet prior to coming to church as the main toilet on the back corridor are not in use
  • Bring their own bible as the church Bibles are not available for use
  • At the end of the service wait for a member of the welcome team to invite you leave through the door beside the church organ safely and at a safe distance

The services are at present will include only prayer, readings and a sermon as at present there is no congregational singing is permitted.

What we do depends upon you

Other events may be run in the building, such as space for prayer, bible study or evening family activities. These will all have limited numbers and may require advance booking too. The 7 points above have a Sunday service in mind, but there will be similar requirements of other groups or activities.

Coming back is going to be so different, we will miss some things but we are looking forward to seeing you again in the building

We want to put on meaningful things in the building, whether on a Sunday or any day in the week.

What we put on depends on hearing from you. We need to know:

What would you like to come into the building to do? What things could we put on in the building that might be of benefit to the wider community?

What part are you willing to play in what happens in the building?

Please get in touch with us by phone or email

We would love to know how you would like to take part and what you would like to come into the church to do.

0113 269 3750

Please be aware that Kate Slater (our Church Administrator) works part time, so you may need to leave a phone message.

As well are these questions for everyone, you will asked questions and ideas will be shared in the group you belong to.

As church is being reset our main focus continues to be on what we put on virtually, what we put on in groups (whether for children, young people, seniors or home groups) and how we equip the Christian lives of individuals and households.

Being in the church building is not just about Sundays, but any day. What we offer in the building depends on us hearing your ideas.

When you come to the building we want you to come to something meaningful, accessible and worthwhile. We want you to feel safe when you come.

Once we have the information we will share a summary of what we have learnt and details of what is being planned.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Graham, Shona, Shelley, Carole, Kate; MBC Leadership Team and MBC Health & Safety Team

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