Making the news. MBC’s Christmas Appeal sees almost £1,200 going off to BMS World Mission

A bold decision to try something new has seen MBC send almost £1,200 to one of the Baptist Union’s most respected outreach projects. 

The move meant abandoning MBC’s traditional Toy and Gift Service and instead donating money to BMS – World Mission’s Protect a Child this Christmas appeal.

The money raised by the appeal, which ran throughout the whole of December and ended on Christmas Day will be targeted at towns and villages in northern Uganda where many children and young people are living their lives in fear of physical and sexual abuse.

As you see from the cutting above that The Baptist Times reported our story in its latest online edition, a fitting testimony to MBC’s belief in the worldwide love of God. 

The video which we used as the basis for our appeal is still available to view. You can access it or pass the link on by clicking HERE.

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