Roundabout MBC Issue 4 reaches parts of our community the internet cannot get to

When lockdown first hit those of us who have anything to do with communications here at MBC put an enormous amount of time and effort into our website, E-newsletter and social media feeds to ensure that everyone was kept bang up to date with all the latest developments.  However, one thing we overlooked was the number of people we know who for one reason or another don’t have online access.

When the penny eventually dropped someone suggested that just as we did pre Google, Apple, YouTube we produce a good old fashioned print version of at least some of the stories that appear on our website. What a great idea we all thought, as if breathing new life into something that first happened here at MBC in 1955 was the most innovative breakthrough ever.

Anyway, I’m pleased to say that this week our fourth issue of Roundabout MBC (a familiar name to many) was printed, collated and distributed to more than 30 people.

Above you can see just how we converted our online content into print. Issue 4, behind a brand new cover sheet contains 7 different stories all written over the last week; indeed a number actually look forward to some of the exciting stuff we have planned for Harvest Sunday.  

Roundabout is set in 14pt Ariel, a font which experts say is ideal for our purpose. So if you know anyone who would benefit from receiving Roundabout please pass on their name and address to John Sherbourne who administers our email account. 


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