Shelley Dring – a warm welcome to and from MBC’s new Church Lead

Shelley Dring’s first contact with MBC was when she was attending St Stephens Church in Moortown and our then minister invited her and her husband Nathan to join us on a church holiday. Little did any of us know what lay ahead and that just a few years, and a pandemic later she would be resoundingly voted in as our new Church Lead.

Above you can see a gallery of just some of the hundreds of pictures we have of Shelley; some quite formal others ever so slightly embarrassing. 

If we can pin her down long enough to get her to draw breath I’m going to ask Shelley to write a piece for the website telling those of us that couldn’t be at the meeting a little of her vision and why she feels this is a call from God. Equally important of course are the thoughts she has for continuing to build MBC into a church that  puts Jesus front and centre of everything we do. 

In the meantime, and despite having known you for quite some time it’s our pleasure to say welcome aboard and God bless you. 

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