To get the best from MBC’s online output don’t forget to regularly refresh your phone, tablet or PC

What I know about terabytes, gigabytes and megabytes you could write on the back of a stamp. In fact it took me the best part of two days to realise that recently when setting up my new shiny laptop the instruction to press “any” button meant precisely that, and that unlike those marked Alt, Fn, and Ctrl there wasn’t in fact an “Any” button.

However, a few people have been in touch recently to tell us that on occasions some of the little thumbnail pictures that we use on the Home Page of our website and also some that appear in our E-newsletter are what is technically termed as corrupt. (See picture, top right in the collage below).

If you have ever experienced this problem can I suggest that in order to rectify it you take John Duffy’s expert advice and refresh your device. To do this I’m told all you need do (I hate it when people tell me that) is go to the website and on a laptop or PC press the Ctrl button (bottom left on your keyboard at the same time as pressing F5 (top row). On a tablet and a phone press the circular arrow that you will find at the top of the page. It is also useful, I believe, to clear your browsing history, something I’m told you do by going to Google (other search engines are available) clicking on the three vertical dots on the right of your screen and selecting History. 

Hope this information will help. If however, you still have any issues please email me via and I will pass your message on to someone who know what he is talking about. 


John Sherbourne


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