Despite the big freeze there was a warm MBC welcome for Andor, Zsuzsi and Bence

Having flown in to the UK during one of the coldest snaps on record there was a warm welcome for Andor, Zsuzsi and Bence Ferko as they joined us on Sunday. 

Here for just a week and staying with Karen and Michael Ross the couple’s ties, but Zsuzsi’s in particular go back a long way with MBC.

As pastor of their local church in Romania Zsuzsi’s mother together with family and friends have been visiting Leeds ever since we set up MRS G, our Romania Support Group. Today, of course, both Zsuzsi and Andor are themselves ordained church leaders, and by the look of it Bence who was more than keen to join mum and dad upfront at Sunday’s evening service might just keep up the tradition.

It was great to see you, we hope you have enjoyed your visit and we wish you a safe journey home. 

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