Shortly before Christmas we received the following greeting and letter from Manastur Baptist Church in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The comments in italics have been added by Howard Dews.

Dear members of the Romanian Support Group in Leeds,

We hope that this finds you all well and also that everything is well with your families.

With this letter, we want to inform you about the way we spend the money you sent to us this year. 

– We continue our collaboration with the Gypsies church in Floresti, we offer to brother Hoca Joseph (every month, a financial aid worth 500 lei equivalent of £ 100

(We provided £500 of the pastor’s salary the remainder coming from Manastur church)

– We support brother Nicu Reparuc and his work with the children.

(Nicu and his wife Rita have adopted a number of children and we provided them with £500)

– We offered 6 scholarships for students in financial need.

(We also received individual letters of thanks from the students. We provided £500 for students who from who attend Manastur church.)

– We were able to help 15 poor families in our church who were in need

(We provided £500 for this.)

– We prepared for Christmas and offered 375 food packs for needy families in Manastur church and other sister churches

–  We supported several summer camps (children, young people, young adult families)

(We contributed £500 for this.)

As a church, we want to thank you very much for your support this year. Because of your generosity, God used you to touch many lives.

We are looking forward to continue our partnership with you.

Yours in Christ,

The church board, through Pastor Daniel Lacatos


































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