Best Christmas ever?

Our good friend, David Newton of Gildersome Baptist Church, emailed my wife, Hilary, wishing her ‘your best Christmas ever’. You too can read his message on their web site She forwarded it to me, simply saying, Brilliant!

I could not disagree. I sent it to my friend, Bill, and he replied:
“Absolutely wonderful, when the Gospel comes to the Mall. I am sending it to many friends and posting it on our site. (Posting it there will take a few days.)”

I sent it to Keith and got this:
“Thanks very much. I was moved to tears.”
He is not, in my experience, a regular lachrymose. So what is going on here?

I wonder why this little email is having such an effect. I have some answers and my first thought was to explain them on this blog. Then I thought again: it would be better to let all my readers find out for themselves what this is about. Leave them free to enjoy it for themselves. And then let them share their reactions on this site.

So give a couple of minutes to it and then login and comment – positive or negative, celebratory or analytical. You can comment at the foot of this post, there is a link to the MBC forum below or if you can’t remember your login simply send a message via our contact form.

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