Last week – this week and a look to the future… a message from Shelley

Dear Friends

“I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water” (Isaiah 41:18)

There is such a thing in relation to rivers called ‘daylighting’… a term for the process of removing obstructions (such as concrete or pavement) which cover rivers. Often, particularly in cities, waterways are covered or buried to create more building space or protect properties from flooding. Unfortunately, it can increase pollution, degrade habitats and actual increase floods downstream. By uncovering the river the waterway can be re-established and there are many benefits, including how it looks and environmental advantages.

Last Sunday we came together on the theme of ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’ and considered the river of life running through our lives. It seems that not only is God reminding us of that river that flows from Him, but encouraging us to recognise that God wants to uncover rivers and streams that have been long buried or covered.

Where are there streams of life in your world that have been covered or buried?Where are there streams of life in your church that have been blocked? Where are there streams of life in your community that have been hidden?

Also last week one of our deacons discovered a book in a cupboard in the church with no names on but including prayers and ‘words’ about what God might be saying to MBC from about 2012 to 2015. I have another book like this from two prayer days that took place in 2020. Are there words that God has given and prayers prayed over years that God is reminding us of?

But it takes courage, bravery, seeing in a new way. Lots of theories of change begin with a problem or a need. The environment around the river has probably changed since the stream was first buried.

I leave these things with you to ponder and pray…and hopefully do…


This Sunday we welcome Andy Hobbs to share with us on the topic of Jesus asking the question  “What do you want me to do for you?” We start at 11am in church and on the Moortown Baptist YouTube channel. There will be a group during the talk for our younger members or those who want to explore it in a more hands on way. There will be prayer for the church and opportunity for individual prayer after the service.

Beacon café is back on Monday from 10-12midday. We need some help to set up the church for Beacon after the service this Sunday as Edward is away.

There will be craft group in church on Thursday at 2pm. 

Some of our house groups are having a break so do get in touch if you want to connect with a group.

Next Sunday (August 6th) it’s café church 10-12midday including breakfast pastries, coffee and an art area. Then 3-5pm we have a cream tea to raise money for our friends in Romania who are supporting those in Ukraine. All invited, bring friends, outside in the garden and carpark around tables and chairs. We also welcome Florin and Dana from the church in Romania on that day. They have written an update for us on what they are doing in supporting those fleeing Ukraine. Please go to the website to find out more at or follow the link here Ahead of their visit to Leeds here’s a prayer request from our friends in Romania as they make yet another journey into Ukraine – Moortown Baptist Church

Pray for some of our young people returning from a Christian holiday week, for life changing encounters with Jesus.

Thanks to those who came to support Andrea and Mark, BMS missionaries from Chad at Beacon café last week.  We have a lot of new people from our local community coming to Beacon each week. If you have never been, or it’s been a while, can you consider popping along sometime to chat to people or gather cups and welcome people into the space?

In Christ


An appeal for prayer from the BMS over the global cost of living crisis

Roger Robson has asked us to publish this appeal and for us all to respond.

You’ll be all too aware from the news that the continuing conflict in Ukraine is destroying the supply of some of the globe’s most essential produce. Even as I write, out-of-control food and fuel prices are driving vulnerable people across the world to starvation and deprivation.

When the war in Ukraine broke out, you stood with us in faith that change and help were possible. Your prayers for the many people fleeing Ukraine, not to mention the unprecedented levels of giving, played an unquantifiable part in providing families and individuals with shelter and welcome in neighbouring countries.

We have launched a Global Cost of Living Crisis appeal to raise funds to support those most suffering as a result of this war’s ongoing collateral damage. More than that, we need the power of your prayers again as, through our mission workers and our partners, we witness how a war in Europe can have such a terrifying global impact.

You can watch or download a PowerPoint that explains more about this project by following the link below.



Andrea and Mark’s visit to MBC shows our unbroken link with BMS World Mission is as strong as ever

Under the heading Wider Involvement Roger Robson, who although reluctant to claim any credit put together two fascinating hisory books (MBC The First 25 years and then Moortown Baptist Church – the first 50 years) writes “Gladys Shaw (a founder member of MBC) as Missionary Secretary produced numerous information articles in the bi-monthly Church Newsletter.” I guess in many ways and more than 60 year on this is another of those “information articles.” 

And that is a proud boast. In this day and age, to retain an unbroken partnership for that length of time is a credit not only to all the members and friends of MBC who down the years have served overseas but also to those of us who stayed home and supported them. 

That’s why, somewhat ironically, it was Roger and his wife Christine, who  also served as BMS missionaries who were there to meet our latest mission partners – Mark and Andrea Hotchkin who visited us this week from the hospital they work at in Chad.  

As part of what the tabloid press would describe as a whistle stop tour of the UK MBC was number 7 on a list of 14 supporting churches that Andrea and Mark would visit – as far flung as Penzance and Perth.

It really was a joy to welcome them and not only to listen to just a brief snippet of what life is like for two medics living and working in the Sahara desert but to hear first hand what an incredible difference our contribution to BMS World Mission makes. 

If you would like to keep this chain going there are numerous ways you can help: sign up to receive personal prayer letters from your selected mission partner, join the BMS Birthday Scheme, become a Prayer Partner, subscribe to the free BMS Engage magazine and Prayer Diary or simply make a donation.

If any of that strikes a chord then Roger is the man to speak with. 

News just in from BMS World Mission… they have asked if they can use some of these pictures in their own publications. Not surprisingly we said yes!     

Ahead of their visit to Leeds here’s a prayer request from our friends in Romania as they make yet another journey into Ukraine

Dear friends and supporters, we would appreciate your prayers. 
On Friday I will be going again to Ukraine, with a team of three more people. We will be driving first to Chernivtsi, where we will distribute food, medicines and other products to the humanitarian relief efforts to support the refugees fleeing the war. 
Then, on Saturday, we will be driving 180 km north to the city of Ternopil, to help several schools in the area. As many families moved from the east to the west of Ukraine due to the war, in the fall their children will be attending schools in their new cities. Classes will be larger, resulting in an additional stress for the local communities.
We are very thankful to God for one of our partners in the US who donated a big amount of money for these schools. Therefore, we will buy and offer stationeries, medicines, food, hygiene products, etc. Most teachers asked for printing paper, coloured cardboards, crayons, pens, but also vitamins, paracetamol or sanitizers.
We will also have with us Christian literature in Ukrainian, such as More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell, Bible for kids or Gospel of John tracts. 
Please pray for us, as this project is larger in scope than last time. More money involved, more people reached out to, more km into the territory of Ukraine.
Thank you!! 
Florin and Dana

An update from Shelley, some dates for your diary and a look ahead to tomorrow

Dear Friends

Tomorrow we meet again at 11am in the church building and back on YouTube with the last ‘I am statement’ of Jesus.  Tomorrow we look at ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’ together and there will be a creative session planned too for those that are younger or want to focus on the theme in a different way.

On Monday we welcome BMS Missionaries Andrea and Mark Hotchkin at Beacon café.  Do come along, bring friends and grab a drink and a pastry, chat or be still with others and hear some of the stories from Andrea and Mark’s time working in medicine in Chad.  Children welcome.

Next Sunday we welcome Andy Hobbs who will be sharing with us about when Jesus met Bartimaeus and what God might have to say to us through this.

Some dates to let you know about from our friends at the Jewish Housing Association (the new flats behind the church)

Sunday 31st July 10.30-1pm You are invited to Sheltered Housing Open Day from Leeds Jewish Housing Association (see attachment on this email)…timing may not be great for you but do check it out if you are interested.   

Wednesday 27th July, the police van is parking at the Sheltered Housing so do stop by if you want to talk to the neighbourhood policing team.

If you run a house group can you let me know if you plan to keep going in the summer?

Craft group is back on at 2pm in church this week.

And finally just a heads up that there will be an afternoon tea on 7th August after café church, outdoors hopefully, to support the work of the churches in Romania with whom we have links.  Do pop it in the diary.

As always, stay in touch.

In Christ

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

1 Peter 1:3


House groups – use the summer to broaden your appeal

A couple of weeks ago Nathan Dring spoke about highlighting the work of our midweek House Groups and he suggested that HG Leaders might like to take advantage of the summer “break” to advertise their particular group and invite new members. 

On Sunday July 24th John Sherbourne will be at church, complete with camera to take a picture of anyone who would like to partake.

The idea is for a all the photographs to be displayed on the MBC website and a wall in church together with a contact number and a very rough outline of what your groups focusses on


Just days away from Mark and Andrea’s “Beacon” get together – here’s their latest newsletter

With just a couple of days to go until Andrea and Mark Hotchkin join us at next Monday’s Beacon Cafe here is their latest newsletter. You can read or indeed download the whole thing by clicking on the link below. 



In Chad, MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) comes to the aid of a heart attack victim

On 14 May 2022, Fanfina – the wife of gynaecologist Dr Mbaigoto – suffered a heart attack in Moundou, Chad’s second largest city

After receiving treatment for two days at a hospital in Moundou, Fanfina’s condition became critical, and she needed urgent medical attention in N’Djamena, to save her life. The 372-mile journey overland along pothole-ridden roads would have taken 12 hours – so Dr Mbaigoto called MAF.

Pilot Becki Dillingham prepared our aircraft for the 90-minute medevac flight to collect Fanfina, taking off early on 17 May, accompanied by MAF’s acting Operations Manager John Feil.

The plane followed the Logone River which forms the border with Cameroon – Becki noting the dire state of the roads below and commenting that she could ‘see some of the potholes from the air, they’re that big!’

When they landed to collect the patient, Becki offered Dr Mbaigoto a seat on the aircraft, though he refused due to the pressing needs of local patients. Instead, he waved the flight off, asking Becki, ‘Please take good care of her.’The journey from Moundou in MAF’s Cessna 208 aircraft saved Fanfina’s life.

Three weeks later, Fanfina – who’d recovered from her treatment – was discharged from the hospital in Chad’s capital. Doctors confirmed that she wouldn’t have survived the journey overland.

Dr Mbaigoto is really grateful for MAF’s life-saving assistance. He says, ‘Fanfina is alive today thanks to this rapid evacuation and effective care. We are very grateful to the staff of MAF and the partners for this ideal flight. God bless you richly.’

Please pray

  • For Fanfina’s continued recovery, giving thanks for the vital treatment she received.
  • That every patient flown by MAF will be touched by the love of Christ.
  • That the condition of Chad’s roads will improve and it will become easier for everyone to get the medical treatment they need.

Sunday 17th July – Communion Service in church and on YouTube

We are delighted to welcome a visiting preacher this morning. Michael Jackson will be live in church and on our YouTube channel  from 11am. It’s also a Communion Service.

Unfortunately, perhaps it was something to do with the heat but our YouTube didn’t  pick up any visuals this morning so today’s feed is sound and slides only. Sorry.


A very special message from Shelley

Dear Friends

First of all, a big thank you for your discernment, prayers, time, preparation and words on Tuesday evening and throughout the week.  Members at the church meeting on Tuesday voted on a proposal to recognise me as the Church Lead.  It’s been a privilege, a joy and a challenge to play a part at ‘such a time as this’ as part of the community and I know that God will guide and lead us as we move forward step by step. There will be questions as we go on so keep talking, sharing, dropping your thoughts in person, on emails, WhatsApp and most of all tuning into the voice of the Holy Spirit, our helper, guide and inspiration. For some, the next few weeks bring a shift in pace, location, activity and I pray that its a time that God will speak to us all about His wonderful and life transforming love for each of us and the ones who don’t yet know that yet and how we can make this known.

A big thankyou goes to Paddy for his servant heart, wise words and sound commitment as a friend, church member and in his leadership role on both the interim leadership team and the leadership team over the years.  Paddy told those at the meeting on Tuesday that he leaving MBC to join his family in a different church community, that this has been a very difficult decision to make but He feels its the right thing at this time.  Do pray for him over the next few weeks. His last official service with us is the 31st August although he’s welcome anytime and thankfully we are all part of the body of Christ, wherever we are.  

It was great to be encouraged and challenged by Claire Taylor last week through her words on ‘The gate’ from John 10:9, the sung worship through Jonathan and band, other leading from Nathan and the children with Jane Coates.  Roger Robson shared the work of BMS in Chad and there will be an opportunity to hear from Andrea and Mark on the 25th July at Beacon Cafe.

Tomorrow we break from our ‘I am’s’ and look at a psalm together.  We welcome more sung worship, kids activities, communion and a talk from Michael Jackson, visiting speaker (not the singer, although he may be a great singer!)  Please pray for him as he prepares a message that he feels God has given him for us tomorrow.  If anyone is available to help with clearing up from communion tomorrow we’d love to hear from you!  Also if you feel you would like to give out communion tomorrow do grab me or send me a text.

As usual we will be online at 11am on the Moortown Baptist Youtube Channel.

Next week we continue with ‘I am the resurrection and the Life’, something indeed to celebrate.

Finally Karen Ross and I went to the official opening of the new Jewish Housing behind the church on Friday.  It was great to meet many of the community on our doorstep and we look forward to new opportunities and pray for the residents (some of whom are already part of our congregation) over the next few months.

In Christ


Leadership team and staff

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