An appeal for support – a message from Graham and Shona. Join the 14 people who have already volunteered

Alongside keeping in contact with one another we are aware that there are needs to basic practical support at this time.
This is mainly about doing essential shopping, picking up medication and running other basic errands. None of these involve personal physical contact contrary to government advice.

This is a kindness we can show. This will be a useful service to some of our church members and of course to our neighbours.

As a church we have signed up to the neighbourhood welfare hub being run by Leeds City Council / Voluntary Action Leeds. Via this we will receive some referrals of local people with needs.

If you are able to offer such service and are not self-isolating please contact Graham on 07979343857 or Shona on 07735458661 to offer your help. Referrals will come through them.

We need to build up a list of volunteers.


Graham and Shona

OK so maybe they’re not Cliff and Hank, but if you want a good laugh have a look at this!

It all started this morning when John Sherbourne said on Facebook that he had “designated today a Cliff Richard and the Shadows day,” meaning that for the first time in ages this lack of freedom we are all experiencing had given him the opportunity to work his way through his not inconsiderable collection of Cliff and the Shads CDs.

Fast forward three hours and Steve Scaife, another MBC member old enough to know better also pops up on Facebook not only to comment on John’s original post but, from the comfort of his lounge to perform one of Cliff’s biggest, if in this case wholly inappropriately named hits The Young Ones.

Ever one for a challenge this spurs John into action. First job dust off the old guitar, find a plectrum and dig out one of his seldom used You be Hank backing tracks.

You can see and hear the result of both posts here, first Steve’s and then John’s version of Apache… it may not surprise you that so far neither (particularly John) have been offered any work!



Church at Home 2 – catch up here, and a word of encouragement for those who are wary about Facebook

If you missed our second Church at Home Service this morning or you saw it live and would like to watch it again here are the links that you need to follow. Once again our time together was made up with a mix of live streaming and material that had been pre-recorded. Contributors today were Graham and Margaret, Shona, Phil Commons, the Powell family, the Chukwuenweniwe’s, Ramayah and Abi.

Graham’s welcome:

The Youtube inserts:…

Graham live again for the end of the service:

Talking about Facebook, I’m still finding people who for one reason or another are adamant that they will not sign up to Facebook, and are therefore missing out on the opportunity to join in our services. To you I say this… YOU DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP, REGISTER OR GIVE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS TO FACEBOOK TO WATCH OUR CHURCH AT HOME SERVICES.

No, all you need do is enter into where you normally enter anything else you are “googling” press enter and hey presto you land on our Facebook page even before you’ve had time to say “I hate Facebook.”  Then it’s just a matter of scrolling down the page until you reach the post you want to view.



Caring For Life – April Prayers

We had a message recently from Pam Parkinson at Caring For Life in which she told us about a short film that their CEO Jonathan had made about the particular challenges they face at the dreadful time.

You can watch this film by following this link and you can see their April Prayer requests below.

Church at Home 2 – 10.45am Sunday 29th March. To join us just follow either of the links below

Here at MBC we are continuing to follow the Try Praying/Catching the Wave themes for Lent just as we would if we were all meeting together. These are: 29th March Restoring and Rebuilding; 5th April (Palm Sunday) Grace – coming into the city with grace, love, sacrifice and hope and 12th April, Easter Sunday, Purpose – the redeeming and inviting purpose of God in Jesus.

So for this Sunday via this link our theme is Restoring and Rebuilding and the running order for our service is as follows.

From just before 10.45am and again at 11.30am a live Stream with Graham

Between these “live” we have a number of easy to access Youtube posts which this week include: a song and hymn playlist; Get up and get active with Phil Commons; Hello MBC with the Chukwenuweniwe’s; a bible reading: Nehemiah 2: 1-8 by Ramayah Peter; Unpacking the story with the Powell family; a talk from Shona and finally prayers led by Abi and Sam Tilley

The sign up details are the same as last week

Remember the live streams will be at the beginning and end of the programme.


Following on from the success of Oasis Cafe, Moortots also goes live on line – 11am Thursdays

Following on from Tuesday’s on-line Oasis Café Shelley once again enlisted the help of Rowan and Daisy to bring us Moortots. Quarter an hour of story telling, requests, singing and chat broadcast live via was great.

All being well both Oasis Café (Tuesday at 11am) and Moortots (Thursdays also at 11) will be regular features, so if you haven’t already done so it’s worth making a note of these two web addresses; the first one for the church, this is a really effective way of getting news to you quickly and the second one specifically for Oasis and Moortots.

PS If you missed either Oasis Café or Moortots, or you would like to see them again simply go to the moortots link above and you’ll find it there.


Oasis Café live on-line. It you missed it you can watch it here

Our first Oasis Café live on-line went out at 11am this morning. Shelley, Rowan and Daisy Dring (not forgetting cameraman/dad Nathan) did a brilliant job presenting ten minutes of interactive singing, storytelling and prayer.

Don’t worry if you missed it live, you can watch it again by clicking on the link below.

Throughout the weeks as of course on Sundays we are planning to put together a number of these interactive presentations so please keep checking here on the website and on our Facebook page









MBC’s first Church at Home Service reaches over 2,000 people – you can catch up with it or watch it again here

By 5pm this evening today’s Church at Home Service, which was streamed live via Facebook had reached a total of 2,141 people, it had attracted 627 engagements (that’s viewers sending messages in) and 123 individual comments. That my friends is remarkable!

Hosted from home by Shona, Tom and Rosanna Shaw the service was a mix of live streaming and material that had been pre recorded. There were songs and hymns, an all age talk from Shelley (ably assisted by Daisy and Rowan), a mini sermon from Graham, a vigorous exercise session from the Thompson family of Hillsprints Church fame and prayers led by Ann and Joe.

You can watch the service by following these three separate links. *10:45 live stream:

*Pre-recorded material:…

*11:30 live stream:

Our request for members of our virtual congregation to submit pictures of themselves watching, or as some did actually taking part in the service was, however, somewhat less successful. Having said that some did so special thanks to you. These pictures together with some screenshots captured during the broadcast are in the gallery below.



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