Safe to grow at Moortown Baptist Church

‘Safe to grow at Moortown Baptist Church’ is a set of agreed policies and procedures for ensuring a safe environment for children and young people within the care of our church. Our policies and procedures cover the ways that we act, monitor, care, recruit and show accountability. They are a guide and protection for volunteers, paid workers and indeed the whole church community. They are one expression of our beliefs and values.
We have three documents:
the full set of policies and procedures – for reference purposes and for use by anyone with overall responsibility for events, activities and trips;
our ‘Manual’ which is an abridged version of the full set – for general use by everyone involved in children’s and youth work;
A leaflet, which summarises key aspects of our policy and procedures in a compact format designed to be kept to hand for easy reference.
These documents are based on the model Safe to Grow policy available from the Baptist Union at this link).

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