Wilfred Wyatt dies at the age of 92, and in tribute to this wonderful man we invite you to share your memories

It’s with great sadness that we report on the death of Wilfred Lynn Wyatt. Wilf (as most of us knew him), Irene and their young family first became involved with Moortown Baptist Church in the early 1970’s. Since then, and with Irene’s constant support Wilf has served as a Deacon, as Church Secretary, Treasurer, preacher, organist, chorister and between 1996 and 2018 the leader of Autumn Leaves – a bible study cum prayer group focusing on the needs of the elderly. 

In fact such was Wilf’s presence at MBC that among those of us who have been here a while there must be a fount of anecdotes covering no end of subjects. And so instead of us penning an obituary it’s these we invite you to share. 

We’re doing it this way for two reasons: firstly because personal reflections have far more integrity than hear say, and secondly that as a number of Wilf’s elderly friends won’t have direct access to either our church website or to social media we would like to gather all your material together, print it out and deliver it to their homes. 

Please send your contributions just as soon as you can by email to John Sherbourne at  mbcnewspics@gmail.com or by post to Moortown Baptist Church, 204 King Lane, Leeds LS17 6AA marking the back of your envelope TRIBUTE. 

As yet we don’t have any details of Wilf’s funeral Service, which obviously will have to be conducted under strict Coronavirus guidelines. However, as soon we do hear we will let you know. In the meantime if you would like to send a card or a note to Irene or to any other member of the Wyatt family would you please send them care of Moortown Baptist Church, 204 King Lane, Leeds LS17 6AA and we will pass them on. Thank you. 



Helping children to grow their faith, nurturing babies and toddlers, and HEY!!! Moortots/Oasis Live is back

A message from Shelley

I wanted to let you all know about some learning opportunities to help us support children and families with their faith in a pandemic.

The first is an online Christian conference called Hand in Hand 2021 and it’s for anyone connected with children and families.  It can be your own family or someone else’s. This year’s theme is helping children and families grow in their faith in a post pandemic world. Sessions include ‘bringing God into the everyday’ and  ‘the presence of the kingdom in community and schools’.  It’s a one day conference that takes place on 6th February, it’s free, online and open to all and you can register at www.handinhandconference.com/conferences-training.com

If you do go and you have some feedback, ideas etc then it would be great to hear from you.

The second is a training morning run by Rachel Turner of Parenting for Faith.  It’s focused on Nurturing Babies and Toddlers’ Spiritual lives and takes place online on Thursday 11th February 2021 9.30am-12.30pm via zoom. Sessions include ‘supporting young families in their faith’, ‘prayer in pregnancy’ and  ‘refreshing parents and carers through toddler groups’.  Its £10 for an individual ticket and you get a copy of Rachel’s new book on spirituality in babies and toddlers included in the price.  Or you can pay £20 as a church and get one free book between the group.  Let me know if you want to book as part of a group.  More information at www.brfonline.org.uk/products/nurturing-babies-and-toddlers-spiritual-lives-training-morning

Any questions or thoughts do get in touch with me.

And thirdly it’s PLAYTIME!

It’s lockdown 3 so we’ve decided it’s time to bring back Moortots/Oasis live to keep you company but in a new way!  There will still be the same hilarious yet poignant chat (I know I am usually upstaged), story and creativity but this time we’ll be meeting on a Wednesday so we can all say hello half way through the week to keep each other encouraged.  Our time moves to 11.45am as we try not to clash too much with home schooling, lunchtime and afternoon naps although if you miss it live on Facebook you can watch it again later on the Moortots Facebook page or on the Family at Moortown YouTube channel.  Don’t think its just for little ones too as I believe we all need times to play, particularly during a pandemic. Grab your tea and a biscuit and join in with singing, dancing and creating as we look at what God says about some big topics like story, hope, light and family.  Our first one starts at 11.45 on Wednesday 3rd February on the Moortots Facebook page. If anyone wants to contribute with ideas then do let me know. 

See you all then!


Church at Home – 31 January

At Church at Home this week we continue our journey through the first chapter of the Gospel according to Mark. To join us for our live stream welcome, which begins at 10.45am you will need to visit facebook.com/moortownbaptistchurch of click HERE 

Then to share our pre-recorded programme you will need to switch over to our YouTube channel which you see below or you can press HERE 


Church at Home – 24 January

Sunday 24th January finds us continuing to unpack the start of the Gospel According to Mark. To join us for our live welcome stream at 10.45am you need to go to facebook.com/moortownbaptistchurch  or you can click HERE

Following that, or indeed at any time after you can then switch over to our prerecorded YouTube programme by either following this link https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZIQtirtwcWisN25zqEJpzywj1a0TZrjh or clicking HERE



Praying with MBC during lockdown 3. A new online initiative starting 25th of January

“…but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4.6-7

Paul writes to the church in Philippi from his own lock down, urging his brothers and sisters to bring everything to God in prayer. For some of us in this third lockdown we may feel that all we can do is pray. Paul reminds us that praying is one of the best things we can offer to God in serving Him.

During this lockdown we encourage you to continue praying and to share prayer with us as a church. We offer you some different ways you may like to join us, shape our prayers and also share your requests for prayer. We recognise that during lockdown, sharing prayer requests has been difficult and we are learning how to do this in a way that is respectful and keeps us connected as family. These ways to pray are starting points for us to build a rhythm of gathered prayer into our lockdown life together. Look out for how you can take part and help us to shape them.

Shona and Graham

Daily prayer:

When: Starting on Monday the 25th of January you are invited to join with us at 12noon and 8pm each Monday to Friday.

What: led prayers based on scripture that marks midday and evening prayer. It helps us pause and reflect, reminding us of God’s presence and affirming our faith.

Where: click on the links on Facebook and on the MBC website

Get involved: would you like to write your own daily prayer and share it with the church? Get in touch with Kate at the church office or email: admin@moortownbaptistchurch.onmicrosoft.com

Thanksgiving and Intercessions:

When: Church at Home on Sundays

What: led prayers for the wider world and our communities asking for God’s help.

Where: click on the links for our Church at Home service on our website. These will take you to our YouTube channel.

Get involved: would you like the church to pray for a particular situation that you support in mission or would you like to lead prayers of intercession in our service? Get in touch.

Prayers of thanksgiving, intercession and healing:

When: monthly Zoom on third Sundays

What: interactive prayers as part of a short communion service.

Where: the zoom link will be emailed to members on the Friday before third Sunday of the month.

Get involved: would you like the church to pray for a someone known to you. Please check the person is happy to be prayed for, and get in touch with Kate, Graham or Shona.

Sharing updates & requests for prayer with the wider church:

Get in touch with Graham and Shona if you have a request for prayer and updates on prayers answered.

Please check you have the person’s permission for what is shared: God does not need to know all the details. Where it is shared: requests and updates will be shared on our Facebook Live on Sundays and stay on our account. And with whom: Facebook is a public site so others beyond the church can and do see our content.







Sunday 17th January: Communion and prayer (both on Zoom), a live stream welcome and Church at Home

At 10am on Sunday 17th January we are introducing something new; a live Communion Service which via Zoom will include a time when we can come together in prayer. Invitations to this Service have been sent out by email just as they were for other services and meetings we have held on Zoom. 

This will be followed at 10.45am by our usual live stream welcome for which you will need to click HERE or go to facebook.com/moortownbaptistchurch 

Then to share in our pre-recorded Church at Home/Family at Moortown programme, which today begins a series on the gospel of Mark you’ll have to retune again, this time to HERE or to https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZIQtirtwcWjGsAWRziAK5vTbiEBXrwXi

BMS Annual update, and it’s good news on the giving front

Support for BMS in 2020 and forward into 2021.This item starts with a BIG THANK YOU to MBC. Despite the impossibility, during most of 2020, of collecting donations to BMS Birthday Scheme and Monthly Donations via envelopes in the collection bags people have adapted their giving methods. As a result, the total given to BMS in 2020 increased by £771 over 2019.

Here are the comparative figures:-


The Monthly Giving and Birthday Scheme include donations sent direct to the BMS website, but only those gifts notified to me, Other MBC members may have sent donations. So again – Thank You.

How is this money used?

BMS supports around 100 mission workers in 17 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe – many of them marginalised and least evangelised. Among them we particularly support:- John and Sue Wilson – Pastoral Leaders in Paris and Mark and Andrea Hotchkin  – Doctors in Bardai, northern Chad

We have posted their regular news and videos in this newsletter and website throughout 2020 and you can also learn about their vital work on www.bmsworldmission.org searching Personnel.  As the Covid pandemic continues worldwide the demand on BMS resources is growing. The numbers of people in MBC giving through the Birthday Scheme and monthly gifts are declining. As well as your prayers for this work, we need more people to support these schemes financially and, as we are no longer able to collect envelopes etc through offerings in Church, here are Ways You can help:-

Monthly Giving

The best way to do this is by setting up a monthly Standing Order with your bank to

Moortown Baptist Church BMS account  Sort Code 05-01-06  Account no 10225334

(it would be helpful to let Roger Robson know the date of the month the order will be paid)

If you are unable to do this, or prefer to use monthly envelopes, please let Roger know on  07929100598.

Birthday Scheme

You can join this as a way of making an Annual Donation to BMS. Please contact Roger on 07929100598 or email roger.robson1@ntlworld.com giving your Birthday (not age!!) and Address. You will then receive a Card on your Birthday and details of how to donate by bank transfer or cheque.

Please consider these schemes seriously and help BMS to continue its vital work of supporting and growing the Worldwide Church.

One Further Request

Following mission service with BMS in Congo in the 1970’s I have acted as Moortown’s BMS Representative for around 45 years. We badly need younger people on the Church Overseas Mission Group and to take over some of the roles in supporting Worldwide Mission. If you are interested in finding out more to see if God may be calling you, please get in touch with me on

0113 2941759 or roger.robson1@ntlworld.com

Thank you. Roger Robson



MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) keep their hearts & minds focused on the physical and spiritual needs of some of the world’s most isolated communities

In our seventy-five years of serving remote communities in the far corners of the world, we have never seen anything that has so deeply affected the entire world economically and socially as COVID-19. Our work has been limited due to lockdowns in many countries. In some countries we have served almost as normal, in others we have been limited to providing a few flights to aid the government in their fight against COVID-19.

To care for the safety of our staff, partners and the isolated communities we serve, we have modified our aircraft, trained ground staff on aircraft cleaning techniques and established new passenger procedures.

Our hearts and minds are constantly focused on the isolated people who live in the most remote locations where we serve. Literally tens of thousands have not been served with the basics to address their physical and spiritual needs. As we prepare to once again serve their villages, we anticipate encountering food shortages, unattended medical needs, exacerbated educational challenges and spiritual hunger.

We are positioned, ready to address these increased needs once restrictions of movement are lifted in the countries where we serve. We invite you to partner with us, through your prayer and financial support, so that isolated communities are not forgotten.

MAF’s website which you can access HERE is full of information about how this wonderful organisation operates and also of course how you can support them. However, a bit nearer home if you are at all interested MBC’s David Casson is the man to speak to.

Satisfying, scriptural and above all humbling… transforming lives in Jhum Para

The old and the new

Inspired by news of a project that Phil Commons is heavily involved in a small number of MBC members have recently helped an extremely poor family to move to a new purpose built house in the village of Jhum Para, Bangladesh. This development which cost £3,000 and with the help of  villagers was completed in eight weeks has been very happily received and endorsed by the whole community. The idea was for the house to be made somewhat larger than their old “property” in order that the family’s adult son could live with and support them.

There’s more about Jhum Para, about how MBC originally became involved with the desperately poor people who live in this remote village and how your support can help them today HERE 

As one of those who donated to the appeal says: “To be able to directly transform people’s lives in needy parts of the world is so satisfying, so scriptural and above all so humbling.”

Amen to that.

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