Jihan Ha’s baptism – a day of praise, joy and hope

A packed church is always a welcome sight but when that congregation includes the family and friends of someone being baptised the to call a service “special” seems hardly adequate.

Such was the case last Sunday when 14 year old Jihan Ha was baptised. With Shona, and for the first time in his career our Pioneer Youth Lead James Wilde supporting Jihan through his remarkable testimony and then his baptism God’s presence was tangible.

We pray for Jihan, we pray that as he continues his education and then later when he moves into the world of work he will forever call on God to guide him.


This Sunday, an update on how MBC’s support for BMS World Mission is being utilised

In the old days this coming Sunday would have been called Mission Sunday, and it would have been a time when we would have listened to stories – some full of daring do, others more mundane from the mission field. 

Today, however, whilst we do still hear lots of first hand accounts of how the work people are engaged in through or by affiliation with BMS World Mission is providing both spiritual and practical support across the globe, what we will pick up on Sunday is much more personal: it’s a glimpse at how the support we here at Moortown Baptist Church provide for our named Mission Partners has and continues to be playing out in Afghanistan, Nepal, France and Chad as well of course as via Radio World Wide over the air waves.

In 2019 this church by way of tithe and a number of different gift schemes sent BMS World Mission a fraction short of £14,000. How you can help boost this total is one of the things Roger Robson will be speaking about on Sunday.


Happy New Year, Chinese style and a sweet update from Faith Builders and Pulse

Saturday January 25th was a very special day for many of our congregation, as for them it was New Years Day. The Chinese New Year which last weekend saw in the Year of the Rat is a hugely important date in the Chinese calendar.

It originates from several ancient myths and customs. The festival was traditionally a time to honour deities as well as ancestors today, and while certain elements are considered universal local and regional customs and traditions vary widely.

It was fascinating to hear and see first hand from Maria, Ivan, Charles and Teresa how they themselves are keeping these traditions going here in Leeds.

With parts of China currently at the centre of a new and potentially deadly virus we pray for this great nation and its massive population.

Meanwhile at the other end of last Sunday’s second service the children who make up Faith Builders and Pulse came back into church to share with us some of the things they have doing.

In Pulse they had been looking into the difference between knowing of something and knowing about something. Their analogy was a Mars bar. We all know, said Shelley what a Mars bar is but until you have actually tasted one (whether that’s as it comes, as a flavour for an ice cream or as is the custom in Scotland deep fried) you can’t really talk about one with any degree of knowledge. Substitute the Mars bar for God/Jesus/faith and you’ll get some idea of where this particular example was heading. As for the props, two bags of bite sized Mars bars, they were handed out.

Faith Builders, meanwhile, had been unpacking Proverbs Chapter 2 and verse 6. The Lord gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding, all come from his mouth. And it was good to hear that on the second time of asking the congregation got the gist and joined in: wisdom, knowledge and understanding indeed.  

A winter newsletter from PAFRAS

Hilary Willmer has just sent us this. It is a winter newsletter from PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers). In a note accompanying the newsletter Hilary adds her thanks to all those people at MBC who by donating food and toiletries continue to support this important charity. You can find out more about PAFRAS by visiting www.pafras.org.uk and of course you can always make a personal donation by placing it in the PAFRAS box in the MBC Meeting Area.


Shortly before Christmas we received the following greeting and letter from Manastur Baptist Church in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The comments in italics have been added by Howard Dews.

Dear members of the Romanian Support Group in Leeds,

We hope that this finds you all well and also that everything is well with your families.

With this letter, we want to inform you about the way we spend the money you sent to us this year. 

– We continue our collaboration with the Gypsies church in Floresti, we offer to brother Hoca Joseph (every month, a financial aid worth 500 lei equivalent of £ 100

(We provided £500 of the pastor’s salary the remainder coming from Manastur church)

– We support brother Nicu Reparuc and his work with the children.

(Nicu and his wife Rita have adopted a number of children and we provided them with £500)

– We offered 6 scholarships for students in financial need.

(We also received individual letters of thanks from the students. We provided £500 for students who from who attend Manastur church.)

– We were able to help 15 poor families in our church who were in need

(We provided £500 for this.)

– We prepared for Christmas and offered 375 food packs for needy families in Manastur church and other sister churches

–  We supported several summer camps (children, young people, young adult families)

(We contributed £500 for this.)

As a church, we want to thank you very much for your support this year. Because of your generosity, God used you to touch many lives.

We are looking forward to continue our partnership with you.

Yours in Christ,

The church board, through Pastor Daniel Lacatos


































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