Keeping you up to date with what our friends in Romania are doing to assist their Ukraine neighbours

This is a newsletter from our Manastur Church, with information about our projects among the Ukrainian refugees in Cluj and also in Ukraine. Please feel free to send, print and distribute it to your Moortown Baptist Church members. All this help we provided to Ukrainians was possible because of the faithfulness of generous and loving believers like you.
Florin Fodor, on behalf of Manastur Church in Cluj.

Everyone that is coming to the city of Refuge bring their personal experience, a dramatic story and trauma. When the Church become a city of refuge, things change and there we have a place of comfort, healing and transformation. This was our experience as Church in the last couple of months, receiving our Refugees brothers and sisters from Ukraine. We did our best to be a blessing to them and we experienced God’s blessings abundantly.

We want to share with you the joy and encouragement from a new and surprising episode of our Church life.

Jesus special visit to us

On February 24 when Ukraine war started, we didn’t get the details of God’s plan. We simply realized that Jesus will pay a visit to us in a new special way and we will better be ready. With that in mind we had our shortest but most fruitful Church Board meeting – we opened everything we had as Church for Ukraine Refugees, including Church facilities, Camp site and Church apartment, plus our full support. A Refugee Team was appointed, an action plan and structure were settled the next day. We wondered how could we provide for all possible needs. God responded in just few days and Church Offering next Sunday was beyond any expectation. We were overwhelmed by the high number of people that opened their houses to host Ukrainian families, volunteered to provide clothes, food, transportation, translation or donate for this cause. We basically experienced God’s provision to start fulfill His plans.

Ukrainian community in our Church

We assisted over 300 Ukrainian Refugees since the war started. Some of them were brought by us by bus from South of Moldova. For some others we drove to the border to meet them. Some others contacted us by Telegram, Viber or simply called us. We hosted some of them for a night or two, for a week. We did heard from one lady that was in transit to Italy ““I NEVER experienced so much love in all my life. We want to be part of such a church, so please help us find one like yours in Italy”.

We did see a lot of Ukrainians interested to stay here in our Church, hosted by our families and waiting for the war to stop and then return to Ukraine. Over the last month we had an average of 90-100 refugees that decided to stay. Currently we host 87 Ukrainians, of which 49 are Children. They are much more than a number, they became a Community, a Community of faith. We learned we may do a lot for them, but the best will be to help them become a Community. God sent here two pastors – Ivan and Oleg – from Dnieper and Cherkasy and Roman, a great evangelist from Mariupol. After that we got three Sunday School Teachers (Iryna, one of them is National Leader of the Children Ministry in Ukraine). After that we welcomed the Tutkyevich family – a complete musical professional family from Odessa.

So, our Church worship is now Romanian and Ukrainian, not only as translation but also as input – Ukrainians are now a constant part of Church services – songs, messages, prayers and Ukrainian Classes Sunday School for Children. Now Roman and his team already shared the Gospel with over 100 Ukrainians in the City Canteen where a lot of unchurched Ukrainians go. They were also distributing Bibles, and Bible literature and some of the people he met, visited our church.

How do we help Ukrainians?


We provide help for Ukrainians in different ways:

  • Accommodation in loving Christian homes (living with hosts or in separate apartments)

  • Food (welcome pack, weekly pack, fresh food, Sunday meals in Chuch facility, lunch in Christian homes)

  • Transportation for Refugees (local, national, international)

  • Spiritual and emotional support (by specialized Russian speaking Christian therapist)

  • Legal advice and registration support

  • Professional support and advice in getting a good job according to skills – all active men already have a job and some of women got a job too

  • Children Ministry in Ukrainian (two classes – preschool and school kids)

  • Translated programs in Ukrainian through dedicated translation system

  • Medical assistance and support – facilitate specialized medical visits and investigation according the needs (some already had MRI, Surgeries, Pregnancy Assistance, Dentistry etc)

  • Medicine supplies – we provide for free medicines – from general use drugs to more specific according to the prescription

  • Refugees shepherding – Home groups are responsible for specific families and they provide more specific assistance for different spiritual or material needs

  • Weekly meetings of Ukrainian Community – every Sunday evening

Projects for Ukrainians

Creative workshop for Children

We are so blessed to have over 49 Ukrainian children in our community, along with their families. We tried to hear their voices, understand their prayers and needs. Art is a good way to communicate in a trauma environment we helped them paint. Iurie Cojocaru, one of the best Christian Artists in Cluj, led us in this journey to Ukrainian kids’ hearts. It has been impressive to see great gifts but even more touching to see their prayers on canvas. “May the Lord have mercy on Ukraine” “God loves us very much” “Peace for Ukraine” “May the Lord protect Ukraine”. Simple but meaningful prayers through art. Marina, one adopted girl from Odessa drew “Ruins through my window” and one small girl from Mariupol painted “My house”. Few hours later they found out their apartment building was bombed again and is now a ruin. She and her family have no home to return back to Ukraine.

All this experience helped us hear children’s hearts cry and see their hopes revived. It helped the parents discover the treasures in their kids. It has been a special moment that was a step in healing for kids and parents. We had a couple of hours when time stopped and joy refilled everyone. All artworks together built the image of a dove, the most suggestive symbol of the peace that the world and especially Ukraine are starving for.

Retreat for Ukrainian friends

We welcomed our special friends in our Church Camp site during Easter vacation – an amazing spot in the Carpathian mountains, one hour drive from Cluj. Fresh air, tasty Romanian food, great fellowship, inspiring stories, new relationships and bridges.

We learned from pastor Oleg he was now losing his house in Cherkassy for the second time – first it was a dramatic burn and then his wife and kids were saved in a miraculous way. God was faithful and his house was rebuilt and was even nicer. He left the house two months ago but he trust the Lord is now and forever faithful

Roman is a passionate and active evangelist from Mariupol. In our retreat he shared how he learned to be thankful even when he got the sad news – his block was hit twice by Russian rockets, the second time the structure was compromised. His wife is expecting a baby in early July. God helped him to get a good job here and answered a prayer they had – to have a car to drive his family. The company where he works allowed him to use the car for his family too. Seeing Roman and Vera, his wife you will be surprised to see a smile and hear an encouraging word every time.

Andrei is the only Ukrainian in the group that speaks Romanian. He got a good job in a local brand coffee shop chain and now he feels so blessed to be so much loved and appreciated. His friends back in Ukraine are amazed to see how God cares for him.

Time stopped for a while but still not enough. An experience to be replicated soon:)

Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

We learned that the most significant material needs are in Ukraine, especially the places we are not able to reach. We prayed and searched and God opened doors and we discovered great partner Churches in Chernivtsi that can get to war zones and provide food, medicines and personal goods to people that needed the most. We did one such transport in April and we plan the second transport this weekend. All materials are good quality, brand new as we know God deserves our best. Please pray and be ready to join us in this significant effort to show God’s love in a very tangible way.

What’s next

It is hard to predict how things will look like in a few months as most of the elements are out of our control. But we do plan to respond to significant needs in a more articulated way. All this projects will be developed along with our ongoing material, emotional and spiritual support Please join us in prayer and support for next projects:

  • Humanitarian Aid #2 to Chernivtsi, Ukraine – May 7-8

  • Humanitarian Aid #3 to Chernivtsi, Ukraine end of May

  • VBS for Ukrainian Children in Cluj – June 16-20. We plan this as an evangelistic event that might help us reach Ukrainian Children and families from inside and outside of our Church Community.

Thank you so much for being such a committed prayer warrior and supporter of this Ministry to Ukrainian Refugees. We know we have a limited time so it is our prayer to be used by God to help, comfort and bring hope through Christ.

An update from your Leadership Team and a reminder about our Jubilee Party

Hello everyone. I hope that you have had a peaceful week. 
Church sessions have run well and have been well attended. Lunch Club members and team all went out for fish and chips last Wednesday and a good time was had by all. Pam Fieldings funeral was held on Thursday. Thanks to Haddon for leading and those who helped. 
On Sunday coming we will follow the ‘I am’ theme again and specifically ‘the good shepherd’. John Ch10 v 1-18. I will be telling the children about shepherds in Jesus’ time and why Jesus called himself ‘the good shepherd’. Nathan will be speaking in church.
Thanks to Andy Berry leading the music team and Adam Argyle leading the Tech team. Matt Graham is doing the reading and Carol Owen the prayers. We are grateful for everyone who has offered to take part. If you would like to help do come and talk to us.
The third session with the Queenshill gardeners will be at church on Tuesday 31st. 10am -3pm. There will be a film, lunch and then activities that all are invited to. Links with our community are invaluable so do try to call in
The following weekend is part of our Jubilee celebrations and it is also Pentecost on that Sunday. John Sherbourne is leading the worship.
Following the Pentecost service we need help to set out the tables and chairs for our big car park party. If the weather is bad it will be in the Sanctuary. We will also be screening the live festival from London. Everyone is welcome to join us at 1 – 4pm. Church is providing sandwiches, from a local caterer, some cakes/ scones and ice creams. It’s free to come and join in the fun and fellowship. The only thing we ask is you bring something for the table to share with others. Crisp, biscuits, fruit, vegetable sticks, pies, quiche, cakes etc. anything that can be easily eaten with fingers. Please ensure it is prepared, cut up and ready to put straight onto the tables. Label any plates or bowls you need returning. Dress in red, white and blue to celebrate the Jubilee as we wish her Majesty well for her long service.
Please be assured that the Deaconate is working as quickly as possible to put in a meeting for members to discuss the future. We do need and want your input. We are being stretched at present as we try to deal with everything due to various circumstances. Some of the LT have pressing work commitments. Two are away on sick leave. Others are running weekly events.
There are a number of things we are trying to deal with, including recruiting a new admin assistant and ensuring a written hand over is available especially on the H&S side.
Pastorally we need, along with the pastoral team, to ensure that people are covered as we have had a number of new people joining us and certain needs in the membership to consider.
Not excuses just by way of explanation! 
If anyone feels able to support us please let us know.
Karen, Geoff, Paddy, Zac, Phil, Diane and John 

Be Filled and Flow, from Jane Coates

In Him, you also, when you heard the word of truth, the good news of your salvation, and as a result, believed in Him, were stamped with the seal of the promised Holy Spirit, the One promised by Christ, as owned, and protected by God. The Spirit is the guarantee, the first instalment, the pledge, a foretaste of our inheritance until the redemption of God’s own purchased possession, His believers, to the praise of His gloryEphesians 1 v 13-14 AMP 

Don’t drink too much wine, for many evils lie along that path; be filled instead with the Holy Spirit and controlled by him. Ephesians 5 v 18 

Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians from his prison cell in Rome in about AD 60. Ephesus was a very large, influential, and cosmopolitan city in what is Turkey today, and was the centre of worship for the Goddess Artemis. In writing to the Ephesians, Paul was seeking to give clear guidance and teaching to Christians as to who they were in Christ and how they should live. Christians were under great pressure from the influences of their surrounding cultures. Greek culture at the time, included pagan gatherings called symposiums which often involved a lot of drinking in addition to their discussions and gatherings, and Paul would have been very familiar with these kinds of drinking parties. He wanted to warn the Ephesians against joining in with this style of gathering, which could often lead to excesses and so he encourages them to be filled, to be continually, constantly filled with the Holy Spirit. Paul wanted to show that the filling and flow of the Holy Spirit would lead to change, give a greater self-awareness and self-control not less, and an enhanced performance not reduced effectiveness. The filling and flowing were to be continuous. As God’s love flows into every part of our being, it is intended to flow out, fully, and freely to others around us and in our sphere of influence. 

“Let love in and let it out. You are destined to be a channel for God to flow through and not a reservoir that merely sits and collects things. You are special and God has special plans for you.” Joyce Meyer 

I remember listening to a talk by Joel Holm, United Christian Broadcasters entitled The Fluence Principle and he used the scientific principles of ‘flow’ using the key words of fluenceaffluence, influence, and confluence. He asked his Christian listeners to evaluate their ‘fluence factor.’ He was referring to fluence being our outward ‘flow’ of Christian love and care. Affluence being God’s abundant, generous supply and flow of love and grace to us and through us. Influence was that love flowing out, the direction of that flow, and who we shared that love with. Who is in my sphere of influence? Confluence was about flowing together and delighting to work with others. As a church and teams, we can be compelling forces with greater influence as we work together. 

The Holy Spirit is God’s mark on our life, His blessing and grace, His transformation energy, which we should not hold tightly to ourselves. His love and grace are to flow out for others. 

A Prayer 

Just as the owner’s seal is pressed into soft wax as a sign of ownership, I ask for your Holy Spirit to make His mark on my heart and my life. 

May my life reflect His love and may that love be evident to those around me and in my sphere of influence. 

As MBC, may we delight to join together and work for your kingdom here. 

 Charles Wesley Hymn 

1 GRACIOUS Spirit, dwell with me!
I myself would gracious be,
And with words that help and heal
Would thy life in mine reveal;
And with actions bold and meek
Would for Christ my Saviour speak.

2 Truthful Spirit, dwell with me!
I myself would truthful be,
And with wisdom kind and clear
Let thy life in mine appear;
And with actions brotherly
Speak my Lord’s sincerity. 

Another terrific effort as Jenny and her team push our Ukraine Support Fund to over £12,500

At 1pm MBC’s Ukraine Support Fund stood at a little over £11.500 Three hours later that total has risen by a magnificent £1,363. 

Once again, in what’s proves year by year to be one of our most succesful fundraisers our annual plant sale didn’t disappoint. 

Besides scores of plants – everything from apple mint to sunflowers – the kitchen crew contributed almost £200 whilst a table of hand made craft more than held its own. 

The few plants that are left will be available to buy following Sunday’s communion service and for Beacon regulars it looks as if Monday’s session will have a selection of real goodies on offer.

Many thanks to Jenny, Nicky and the rest of the team. Planning, setting up, tending the tables, “manning” the kitchen, taking the cash and in particular tidying away are not east tasks.

But extra special thanks to eveyone who grew and donated plants, without you none of this would have been possible.  

Administrative Assistant needed at MBC

Role:                                                  Administrative Assistant

Church:                                             Moortown Baptist Church

Location:                                           Leeds

Salary:                                               £10,799 per annum (£11.24 per hour)

Hours:                                                18 hours per week

Holiday days:                                   12.5 days + bank holidays

Moortown Baptist Church is seeking to appoint an office based Administrative Assistant for 18 hours per week (days to be negotiated).

Salary is £11.54 per hour which equates to £10,799 per year.

Holidays are pro rata at 12.5 days as well as Bank holidays.

Training will be provided as necessary.

This is an important role as the person appointed would be the first point of contact for anyone approaching the Church in person, on-line or by telephone.

They would also have access to certain accounts/money in conjunction with the Treasurer and also all important documents pertaining to the life of the Church.

Confidentiality and accountability are therefore fundamental to the role.

Skills essential:

The person should be a Christian.

The person should have good working knowledge of Microsoft 365

The person should have recognised and experienced secretarial skills.

The person should be able to communicate with others and work as part of various teams as needed.


 The person appointed would be responsible for:

  • All work on the office computer. (Some training can be provided).
  • Producing minutes from meetings, some being taped from a Zoom.
  • The typing up and amending of policies.
  • Writing and answering a variety of letters and correspondence as required.
  • Maintaining a yearly calendar and members listings, plus all other admin work as needed e.g. making posters or downloading children’s work.
  • They will have to answer all telephone calls and check recorded messages passing the information to the required relevant persons.
  • They will need to order and maintain all consumables needed for the smooth running of the Church.
  • They will need to purchase yearly licences and maintain and pay bills to the necessary contractors used in the running of the Church.
  • They will pay expenses to staff and volunteers in conjunction with the Treasurer.
  • They will need to liaise with the cleaning staff and all other persons working in the building, which may change daily.

A personal handover and a written handover of the role can be made to the successful candidate.

A detailed job description listing the wider role is available.

Please send a copy of your CV to:  

Mrs Karen Ross (HR Deacon)

Moortown Baptist Church

204 King Lane.


LS17 6AA        

or email

All applications should be into the office by Wednesday 1st June 2022

Interviews will be on June 6/7thth 2022 to be arranged.

MBC Plant Sale – Saturday 21 May

MBC’s Plant Sale – which this year is supporting our friends in Romania as they reach out to their neighbours in Ukraine will take place here at church on Saturday 21st May. 

Below there is an extract from an email that Jenny Dixon sent round the organising team; if there is anything in it that you would like to help with please make contact with the relevant person.

– plants can be brought on Saturday morning or left behind the church garden before then if you can’t get in on Saturday.
– please do label your plants so we can tell buyers about them.
– please do remove dead leaves, slugs etc so they look as nice as possible!

On the day :
The plant sale set up will be 9-12 on Saturday 21st, with doors opening at 1.  Our proceeds this year will be going to support our Ukraine initiative.
– we need to set up the tables in the sanctuary
– we need to put a price label (these will be pre-written) on each plant and bring them in to the appropriate table
– we need to set up for refreshments

During the sale :
– volunteers needed to tell our visitors about the plants and generally help them
– volunteers needed to add up the purchase value while people are queuing to pay so the till volunteer doesn’t have to
– volunteers to take payment at the ‘tills’ so the queue moves quickly through and people aren’t waiting with heavy loads

After the sale :
– clearing up!

So we would very much welcome help doing all these things.  The most work-intensive period is the setting up.
– We also need cardboard boxes or big bags for people to put plants in, please bring them in to church any time
– Gwynneth is looking after refreshments (thank you Gwynneth) so please contact her if you can help out with cakes – they are always a massive attraction!

Please could you let me or Nicky Gibb know if you are up for any of these roles? We’ve had great help in the past which has been key to making the sale so successful. You can email me or contact me on 07580 301641. 

Latest news from Andrea and Mark in Chad

Ahead of their visit to MBC’s Beacon cafe on Monday July 25th here’s the latest newsletter from Andrea and Mark Hotchkin.

Life in Chad is never easy but as Roger Robson points out “this letter really does show how difficult and tough their life is compared to ours, it also shows their terrific dedication.”

There’s a taster to the letter above but you can read it in full by following this link. 

Carpet bowls – minus the carpet

Many thanks to John Hornby for sending in this picture of MBC’s Lunch Club playing carpet bowls.

No prizes, and yes I know we’ve given it away in the headline but can anyone guess what’s missing… yes you’re right, a carpet.

Never mind eh!

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