Starting on Sunday August 2: Moses, Moortown and Me… from a basket in the bull rushes to the Promised Land, join us for the next 5 Sundays as we relive Moses’ epic journey

10.45am SUNDAY AUGUST 2. Join us on an exciting journey through Exodus as we discover the magic and the miracles, the excitement and the hope of the Promised Land and the ups and downs along the way. Soon we’ll realise that Moses, Moortown and me have an awful lot in common.  

After our  live Facebook introduction which you can access HERE follow the journey on the Church at Home YouTube channel. You will also be able to join our travels via the MBC Facebook page, the Moortots Facebook page and once we get under way via the Family at Moortown YouTube channel 

So how else can you get involved…

  • Got an idea to contribute something? Contact Shelley or Susie on or or give us a call.
  • Read the story in your bible… Week 1 Exodus 1-2:10, Week 2 Exodus 2:11- 4:17, Week 3 Exodus 4 -13, Week 4 Exodus 14 -24, Week 5 Hebrews 11:1-3 and 23 -29.
  • Got a home group or someone you are connected to then why not follow it with them?
  • Go on a prayer walk around your area and be guided by God on what you see and pray – like Moses.
  • Print this sheet out for someone who doesn’t have a computer/internet and think of a way of involving them.
  • Join in our All Age Promised Land Treasure Hunt taking place in the first week of September.

A change of routine for our e-newsletter

Just a note to let you all know that throughout August our weekly e-newsletter will be being published fortnightly. That means that after today’s (31 July) the next one will appear on or about the 14th of August and the one after that on or about the 28th. 

However, just because we are reducing the frequency of the newsletter that doesn’t mean that the website won’t be kept bang up to date. On the contrary our editorial team assure us that whenever they have something to share it will go on the website just as soon as possible… so keep your contributions coming in. 

Moortots Summer Celebration cooks up a real end of term treat

Let me ask you a question. Where might you expect to watch mum, dad and their two kids doing the hokey- cokey, listen to stories about the sea tickling your toes, hear more than a passing reference to Psalm 23 and be invited to bake a cake in a cup? Answer… at Moortots end of term celebration. 

Thursday’s end of term party was the thirty third live Facebook broadcast that Shelley Dring, more often than not assisted by Rowan and Daisy had produced since lockdown began. 

Never shying from a challenge, at 11am every Tuesday and Thursday Shelly and Nathan have opened their home to countless babies, tots, mums, dads, grandmas and grandads as together they’ve cut and coloured, pasted and pleated just about anything and everything from treasure finding binoculars, to colourful rainbows and to T shirts for teddies.   

Occasionally friends would drop by (via YouTube) and share their favourite bible story. At other times pictures or even short videos of craft made at an earlier session would be shown. 

In my opinion what Shelley and co. have achieved in moving Oasis and Moortots on line is nothing short of remarkable, particularly so when you consider that in addition to these twice weekly features she has also been devising and producing a brilliant family friendly programme that not only goes out alongside our regular Church at Home Sunday service but in terms of content mirrors it. 

The picture above, left shows how today’s cake in a cup exercise turned out (better Shelley admits if she had actually remembered to put some sugar in). But come on no one’s perfect. 

As Shelley now pauses her regular schedule of twice weekly Facebook broadcasts there’s no need to panic; just as soon as she has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s she’ll be back again with a series of summer specials. 





How MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) is coping with Covid

14th July – Virgin Atlantic reaches rescue agreement

17th July – British Airways retires entire 747 fleet

5th May – Reaching the isolated while we isolate.

In spite of the first two and many other similar headlines from major airlines the reality of life in countries around the world served by Mission Aviation Fellowship throughout this time of pandemic has been the third headline which I read on their website half way through our time of lockdown.

Indeed the services provided by MAF’s huge fleet of small aircraft have often been needed even more than before. MAF aeroplanes have been grounded in places where the virus has flared yet the MAF web pages are full of testimony to the unstinting service of MAF personnel the moment permission to fly has been granted.

One pilot in the far North of Chad was allowed to land only to be told by the authorities that he would not be able to stay in the town as the it was currently still Covid free and wished to remain so. Eager to oblige he happily opted to comply by sleeping out under the desert

Some of you know that the eldest son of one of Margaret’s cousins in the Netherlands is a pilot working with MAF. He is based at Wilson Airport in Nairobi and while we have been living through our lock-down here in the UK we heard that his wife and children have been repatriated to the Netherlands. He has remained on standby providing a lifeline whenever called on to serve the isolated and inaccessible peoples around Kenya.

In Bangladesh where MAF operate with amphibious Cessna caravan float planes (pictured above) there was a recent article I commend to you that shows this state of readiness – you can read it HERE

Please continue to include in your prayers the army of MAF missionaries around the world putting their lives on the line for the sake of others.

In a phased return to work the Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store is now ready to accept your donations

After four months of lockdown the Leeds and Moortown Furniture which since 1986 has been collecting donated furniture and then through a raft of statutory and voluntary referral agencies passing it on to people in need will reopen its telephone lines on Monday July 27th. 

The Store’s manager, John Gamson, says that whilst he and his team were able to open their trading arm – LMFS Trading – a couple of weeks ago the move towards a phased return for the charity has been a very complicated process. “Visiting people’s homes and picking up their donated furniture is no easy task when you take into account all the health and safety protocols our crews have to follow.”
“Already,” adds John, “we are seeing signs that as restrictions ease the need for our services is going to be greater than ever so I would urge anyone who has any furniture that they no longer need: beds, sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes etc to call us on 0113 2739727 or email
To begin with the charity will be operating its collection and delivery service mornings only with a view to resuming a full service by the middle of August. “That way” says John, “we will have extra time to focus on sorting and sifting new donations, and not only making sure our clients’ needs are met as quickly and as safely as possible but steering still serviceable furniture away from landfill or incineration.” 
One thing John is particularly keen to emphasise is that no one should drop anything off at the Store without first speaking with them, and that until we’re told otherwise there should be no unauthorised visits.   

Teaching a 3-year-old to ride a bike…and other reflections! Today Nathan’s blog looks at pathways and how they all lead us home

The weeks go by and the wheels keep turning. Alarmingly, my knee is starting to creak more as I run, leaning to one side, in order to be close enough to Daisy to catch her if she is about to fall – but far away enough so that she feels confident and like she is in control.

We have been on so many rides. So many routes. Roads. Paths. Where Daddy thought the paths should be… and even the occasional let’s-make-our-own-path paths! And I have come to realise this – the route doesn’t really matter at all.

Let me clarify that – we’re not heading for the inner ring road or the M606 – but for the most part, whether we turn left or right doesn’t matter a great deal.

And why is that?

Because from the moment we leave the house, we are heading home!

I know the roads, routes and geography well enough… so Daisy can choose if she wants to go left or right. She can tell me she has lots of energy or wants to go home. If she chops and changes her mind the entire journey (and she frequently does), it doesn’t matter at all because I know the way home… and as I said, from the moment we set off, we are heading home!

My Father-in-law loves a song by Jim Reeves that we used to sing at our previous church – This World is not my home! The lyrics go:

This world is not my home I’m just a passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore

Jim Reeves gets it – we are all heading home. From the moment we are born, we’re heading to an eternal home. As Christians, this is a journey alongside our heavenly Dad – and we can choose all sorts of lefts and rights. We can pick paths that look obvious or we can explore new places. We can go fast or slow – full of energy or shattered. Take turns that bring us nearer, or ones that take us further away. We can wobble, maybe even fall – but for those of us that know Jesus, the truth (simple and yet profound) is that through it all, we are heading home.

God is happy for us to pick our route – we will learn stuff and see stuff as we go, and he is with us no matter what. But we are ultimately heading home. Not to our bricks and mortar – but to him. We might be at the start of our journey, or nearing its end. We may know exactly where we are, or may have taken so many wrong turns we wonder if He is even still alongside us.

Here is the truth… again. When we know Jesus, every day is a day we are heading home. He is alongside us. He knows how to bring us to our final stop point… but LOVES journeying with us. He loves our conversation, our wide-eyed awe. He loves our dependence and encourages our freedom.

The ultimate Father, steps out with us on the ultimate adventure!

Daisy loves the bike rides – even when she has no idea where we are or where we are headed…  because she trusts that I am with her and, no matter what, will guide her home. Because I love her more than she knows. Because she is my child and I am her dad.

Proverbs 3:5-6

 Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
    don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
    he’s the one who will keep you on track.

There’s still time to buy a stylish face mask and give a helping hand to a local children’s hospice

Karen Ross has been in touch to say that Yunhee Kim is making washable, reversible cotton masks for adults and children. And looking at these pictures you have to admit that they look fabulous. 

However, alongside the masks Yunhee is making matching wipeable pouches which are just large enough to hold a small bottle of antibacterial gel, gloves and the mask itself. 

You can see a larger selection of masks and pouches by looking at Yunhee’s Instagram page: FRAMESOFHAPPINESS.

Since the start of the lockdown Martin House Children’s Hospice at Boston Spa has, like so many other wonderful charities missed out on thousands of pounds in much needed donations. That’s why to help, all be it in a small way for each mask and pouch sold the hospice will receive £1.If you are interested in helping Yunhee and Martin House please contact Karen on either 0113 2933574 or 07954391303.

Still on the subject of masks, here’s a picture that John Kavanagh sent us of one of a number of vending machines in and around Leeds railway station which have been adapted to stock hand sanitiser and disposable face masks. Clever eh! 

Church Meeting told that to get back to anything like this we need to sign up now!

At our recent Church Meeting Ian Richardson explained just a few of the raft of things we need to have done before we can re-open our church building. He also asked for anyone who was prepared to volunteer (as and when we reach that stage) to let him or anyone else on the Leadership Team have their contact details. However, Ian was most keen to emphasise that whilst certain lockdown restrictions are being eased when it comes to us holding any mass gatherings there will be no quick fix.  

To get some idea of what is required of us Ian referred people to three documents, one from the government and two from the Baptist Union that are currently on the MBC webside and which deal specifically with the re-opening of church buildings. You can read these documents by clicking HERE – they are the top three links. 

Ian also appealed for volunteers to help with Church at Home, our regular Sunday Service: hosts, preachers, prayers, singers/musicians, readers, IT specialists and just about anyone else are all needed to ensure our online worship continues. Again if you would like to help out with Church at Home please email Ian on or contact any other member of the Leadership Team.   

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