Lunch Club – on safari!

Sam’s Safaris visited Lunch Club this week to provide an interactive handling session. Sam’s Safaris is an animal education company providing  amazing animal encounters with exotic and rare animals from all over the world.

Our Lunch Club regulars enjoyed meeting a selection of creatures including Milly the millipede, Jaffa the tortoise and Tony the tiger salamander amongst others.

Here are a selection of photographs from the session.

Prayers for Hong Kong

For peace between people, and for understanding and forbearance between the government of China and the Hong Kong people.

I pray for the fruit of God’s Spirit to be seen in every young person who knows Jesus as LORD in HK.

We pray for safety of our brother’s and sisters and the whole community. We pray for a soft heart to law makers.

For meaningful dialogue

I pray for real wisdom for the Chinese government to respond humanely to achieve a visibly fair solution for Hong Kong.

Pray for decision making of government in a peaceful manner.

Praying for peace and reconciliation and a way forward into a settled future.

I pray that God will be in the centre of Hong Kong. That the people know he is there.

For peace and understanding among each other.

I pray for safety and peace of Young people who are growing up and have been caught up in this unsettling political situation. Bless them and their future. Amen.

Freedom for Christians and that God will turn the situation around that many people will be added to the church in Hong Kong. Peace for those in our church who are connected to Hong Kong.

That peace will be seen in Hong Kong, that resolution will be seen and compromise will be found and both sides will be willing to compromise for peace. That the church may gain a voice in the development of a new way forward.

I pray for a peaceful solution to the unrest in Hong Kong and a return to democracy there. Amen

Prayers for common sense to prevail.

Pray for self-control on all sides and safety for the people.

May democracy prevail. Show your power O Lord! 

Keep the children of Hong Kong safe, give them a peaceful life without interference from China. Bless them all.

Praying for the grace and peace of God for Hong Kong.

Pray for peace to return to Hong Kong
Safety of people and children living in Hong Kong.

Pray for the young people for their safety. For wisdom for the government’s & the decisions they make. 

Praying God to guide the leaders in the best way possible to prevent corruption where it is so likely to happen.

I am praying for peace in Hong Kong.

Pray for peace in Hong Kong in the midst of intensifying unrest. You are in control Lord.

Lord, our heavenly Father, I pray for the people of Hong Kong, Lord, grant them peace in their hearts. We pray for understanding between leadership and the people.

Lord, we pray for the people of Hong Kong that they would know the love of Christ and they would reconcile with one another. We pray that they would see the longing they have for a peaceful and just Hong Kong is a good and true longing that will only be fully satisfied in heaven.  Amen

Pray for wisdom for Xi Jinping and the Communist Party in China in regards to Hong Kong.

Peace, patience and grace

I pray that the people of Hong Kong would trust God’s sovereignty and know that he has a plan for them all. Help the Christian’s to be good witnesses of Jesus and they would be bright lights in these dark times.

I pray for wisdom, calm and self- control for all

We pray for peace in Hong Kong. For discussions that ease tensions. For freedom for all to express their ideas and reach a peaceful way forward.

Pray for decision makers and protesters to listen to each other and find solution which is best for the country.

Dear Lord, I pray for all those suffering in Hong Kong that they may feel the comfort and hope of your presence. Please give wisdom and guidance to all those in authority and that those trapped in situations that they can’t escape may find a way. Amen

I pray for peace and love for the people of Hong Kong.

Pray for peace and understanding and Gods guidance in Hong Kong.

Pray for wisdom & a peaceful outcome to the situation in Hong Kong.

I pray for reconciliation between state and people. I pray for clear demands from the protesters that don’t change. I pray for wisdom for the leaders.

May the Lord be with Hong Kong people

Pray for your Kingdom come and your will be done. For families to be protected. For unity.

Prayer for peace and wisdom to resolve the conflict in Hong Kong

Pray for effective and progressive dialogue between the governments.

Praying for peace, reconciliation and compassion for all in Hong Kong. Wisdom for those in positions of power and decision.

Pray for God to work in unimaginable ways. Pray that young people can hear God’s voice and aren’t swept up in violent activities. Pray that peace will come to Hong Kong. 

Praying for peace, resolution, reconciliation and safety in HK.

May the God of peace remember Hong Kong in Jesus name. Amen!!

I pray that God’s peace will be felt in Hong Kong. I pray for people’s safety and for peaceful dialogue between those in positions of responsibility to bring about change for the better.

Pray for responsible media coverage

We pray for Hong Kong that they have a peaceful solution to their problems. 🙏

I pray that those who hold power in Hong Kong will be brave and listen the voices of those who disagree with them and remember that they are individuals with families and friends who love them. I pray that hearts will not be hardened on either side. I pray that Christians can be understood as people of love, peace, hope and forgiveness. I pray that meaningful talks take place, and that a way forwards can be found that allows dignity for all parties. Amen. 

Exciting day at MBC with a baptism and seven people being welcomed into membership

What and exciting morning we had today (Sunday September 15th) as a packed church celebrated a baptism and seven people being welcomed into membership.

The baptism was that of Rochelle Peter, a lovely young woman who is currently studying dentistry abroad but who’s family are long standing MBC regulars.  The picture above shows Rochelle with friend and supporter Kathryn Thompson and Co-Minister Rev Graham Brownlee.

The picture below, meanwhile, was taken at the start of our monthly Communion Service when Graham, fellow Co-Minister Shona Shaw and the whole congregation warmly welcomed seven new members.

To view a larger version of any of our gallery pictures simply click on the image.

The Great MBC Craft Swap & Angel Workshop

Craft Swap & Angel Day!

Is your craft stash out of control?

Are you after a new project?

Then come to Moortown Baptist Church

Saturday 12 October 10am-2pm

From swapping craft supplies with other crafters, to swapping ideas and tips.  This is a great way to connect with other crafters and get fresh materials, plus it will give you an excuse to make something new.

There will also be craft workshop where you can make Angel decorations in time for Christmas using different methods and materials.

There will be cakes and refreshments

No entry fee but we ask a suggested donation £1.00

(in aid of Beacon Wellbeing)

All Welcome!

A warm welcome for our new Pioneer Youth Lead

There was a warm, and somewhat energetic welcome today (Sunday 1 Sept) for James Wilde as he officially took up his new position as MBC’s Pioneer Youth Lead.

James joins us with all sorts of imaginative plans in mind as besides his work with our young people he seeks to take his ministry into some of our local High Schools.

Moving from his home in the North East and into a flat at the end of the week this is an exciting time for both him and for the church.

God bless you James, may your move to Leeds go smoothly and we pray that your work here be both rewarding and fruitful.   

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