CHURCH AT HOME, 31 May, PENTECOST. With a special note of praise from the USA here’s your link to last Sunday’s service

You can watch our first, introductory live feed HERE 

All our prerecorded material is HERE

The above link includes our Pentecost Choir’s offerings and the Dance/movement sequence

Our second live feed is HERE

And the link to Shelley’s Family at Moortown programme is HERE

It’s always nice to get feedback on our services and particularly so when it comes from another church. That’s why last Thursday we were delighted to receive the following message via Facebook Messenger from Pastor Danny Chronister (pictured left) of the Trinity United Methodist Church in North Port, Florida. “I enjoyed your virtual choir singing “Spirit of the Living God so much that I showed it to all our viewers as part of my Sunday virtual Worship Service.”

Bless you Danny, we are glad you enjoyed our presentation and thanks for getting in touch. 



Nathan Dring’s weekly blog, and the psychology behind teaching a three year old to ride a bike gets a second airing

Teaching a 3-year-old to ride a bike…and other reflections!

So last week I gave a little bit of insight into my life under lockdown – particularly my daily walks/jogs with Daisy as she is loving cycling. Last week I reflected briefly on one of the phrases I repeated over and over, “Stop looking backwards!” and today I want to pause for a moment on another.

Daddy is right here!

For the most part, Daisy is very confident on her bike – even yelling at me from time to time if she thinks I am getting involved when she doesn’t want me to. This is often when she wants to show me that she can do it on her own – so my meddling (in her eyes) simply removes some of her choice and some of her autonomy.

That said, she still wants to know I am there. When she thinks I am in some way a bit distant (usually a work email on my phone) or if I have fallen behind at all, she lets me know…in no uncertain terms, that she wants to see me or at least have confidence I am close. As such, I find myself frequently reminding her, gently that “Daddy is right here.”

I remember in all my days growing up in church, I knew God was a Father. Unfortunately, I often heard the message that God is ‘like a father’ – which simply is not true. God isn’t seeking to mimic – he is the perfect example. I also remember hearing him referred to as ‘Father’ – a term which I always thought was quite a distant naming – it didn’t seem that warm to me. I remember the first time I heard that the word Abba has a meaning close to ‘Daddy’ made me feel a little uncomfortable. To call God Daddy felt far too familiar and kind of strange.

I am now probably at a midpoint on this…I understand he is Daddy, but I rarely call him that…but that is something He and I can work on!

So why did a story of a bike ride suddenly take a sideways leap to the father-nature of God? Well, simply this…I really want you to hear the words today that ‘Daddy is right here!’ In the midst of the current uncertainty and new ways of living. As new rules are introduced. As a new path into a new future is slowly revealed. As the ongoing changes that COVID leaves on our lives come into focus. In good times. Bad times. Hot days and rainy. In panic and in calm. Alone or in a family. Throughout all of this, ‘Daddy is right here.’

Sometimes we might think God is distant or quiet. Sometimes we want to feel him closer than we currently do. We might even question where he is during hard times or strange times, but the simple truth is this…’Daddy is right here.’

As Matthew 28:20 reminds us, in the words of Jesus, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

THE LEEDS BLESSING, a truly magnificent piece of work which features singers and musicians from here at MBC

Inspired by the huge online success of The Blessing UK a number of churches in Leeds have come together to make THE LEEDS BLESSING. This superb work which lasts just over eight minutes is performed by singers and musicians from across the city including some from here at MBC.

You can watch it in full here… let us know how many people you recognise.  

Tearfund – a message from Roger Robson about a once in a generation opportunity to rebuild a society which reflects God’s kingdom values


You can also use our Reboot Campaign video and discussion guide to explore with others how you are experiencing the pandemic, and how you can play your part in building a better world. We’d love to hear how you get on.





ZOOM Church Meeting, Tuesday June 9th with a practice run on June 2

We are having a church meeting on Tuesday 9th June by zoom. This meeting will run from 7.30pm and finish by 9pm. We shall be giving some important updates and focusing together on what we are learning and experiencing through lockdown and the next steps we can take as church.

Every member shall receive an email giving details on how to attend the meeting.
Firstly, we are holding a practice meeting just to try out the technology and make sure it works – this will be on Tuesday 2nd June at 7.30pm and will only be for about 20/30 minutes. This is a chance to check how things go and take the stress out of the following week.
You will receive an email for the meeting on 2nd June, on Monday 1st June and an email for the meeting on 9th June shortly after we have held the practice meeting.

If you don’t receive either of these emails by the dates mention please get in touch with a Graham, Shona or another member of the Leadership Team.

ACC offer up to ten free counselling sessions to NHS workers and to people who have been recently bereaved

ACC, the Association of Christian Counsellors is now offering up to ten free sessions for NHS workers and for people who during but not necessarily because of the Covid-19 pandemic have been beavered. 

The flyer above gives a bit more information about this service but for far more detail and to find out how to access this service please follow this link

MBC’s Lunch Club team are pulling out all the stops to keep everyone connected

The last time our Lunch Club was able to meet was on the 11th March, when we played adapted table tennis together.  It feels a long time ago now, but we haven’t forgotten about our seniors!  Our 28 members are telephoned every week by the fantastic Lunch Club team, which brings a welcome chance for a chat and a catch-up.  As we speak to the same people each week, we are getting to know more about them  – there has been a discovery of a former competitive female cyclist in our midst, a keen gardener who is growing his own veg during the lockdown, and a teenager present at VE day in 1945 who sat on top of the lions outside the Leeds Town Hall!

Carole Smith, MBC Seniors’ Worker (left) is also sending a mailout of information and activities every few weeks to Lunch Club members.

The latest mailout is themed around ‘Eating Well and Self-Care’.  It includes a recipe leaflet with culinary contributions from the team, a craft activity, sunflower seeds, and ideas about how to be kind to ourselves and others.  Also, an issue of SHINE magazine from the Leeds charity Time to Shine is being added to the pack for the first time. SHINE magazine is being produced for older people in Leeds during lockdown as a way of helping them to feel connected – printed copies are being delivered to those who don’t have access to the internet.  It is also published online:

Carole says: ‘It is great to be in contact with our wonderful seniors at this time to let them know that we are thinking of them and to hear about how life is for them at the moment.  We are hearing about their resourcefulness, their resilience and their care of others, as well as their difficulties – older people have so much to give and to teach us about coping in hard times.  SHINE magazine are looking for local older people to tell their stories and share their memories, poems, advice and more – the magazine is about them and for them.  I hope that some of the Lunch Club seniors will do that, and perhaps there are others from MBC or their families who might be interested to contribute too.’

If you are an older person who would like to contribute to SHINE magazine, you can ring 0113 2441697, or email or post a contribution to: Shine magazine, PO Box 908, Elland, HX1 9WF.

In the first of his new, regular blogs Nathan Dring takes a sideways look at life under lockdown

Teaching a 3-year-old to ride a bike…and other reflections!

Corona Virus and the subsequent lockdown have presented a number of challenges to me (like a lot of people)…but I have also gained some great new opportunities. Now that I am at home more, I am able to spend more time with the kids, including getting Daisy out on her bike – a now daily occurrence!

It was on our first outing that I noticed myself saying the same few things over and over:

“Stop looking backwards!”

“Look where you want to go!”

“Don’t look down!”

“Keep going!”

“You’re doing really well!”

“Daddy is right here!”

I have been pondering those phrases, in light of our current situation. It seems there is new perspective we need to find on almost everything: personal lives, work lives, church routines, ways of practising faith, family dynamics, friendship groups, support network…and toilet paper! As such, I’ll take one phrase at a time and share some thoughts. Just my thoughts. My musings and ponderings at such a unique time, which I hope will give you something to reflect on, be encouraged by, maybe even challenged to change.

Stop looking backwards!

I am sure you would agree that, for a 3-year old girl learning to ride a bike, this is pretty important! If you keep looking at where you have been with no focus on where you are going, you will almost inevitable crash! That isn’t to say we forget where we have been. For those of you who cycle, run or walk around Leeds you’ll know this – it isn’t flat! As such, when Daisy had made it to the top of hills, we might have a rest and pause. Take a momentary look back to see where we have been. To see where we have come from to give a great sense of achievement to where we are now. But at the top of those hills I didn’t then just let her start to roll backwards in the direction she was looking. We were in a new place. It had taken some effort to get there (with the occasional shove from Daddy!)

I can’t help but wonder if that is where people’s heads are at now. I hear people talk about ‘when we return to normal’ – and I wonder if we will…and do we want to…and do we need to…and is that what God is wanting from us? Perhaps, this is a season where we get to review what really matters and is of huge significance, and what was simply preference. Before we race back to where we were, let’s pause for a moment and consider.

What of the ‘old’ do we want to rush back to, and what can we leave?

What things were helping us walk with Jesus and what got in our way?

What helped bring new folk to the church to encounter God for the first time, and what was a blocker?

With joy and achievement and encouragement, we can pause and take a look back at where we have been. We can see our start point and our journey. But we aren’t going back there…and trying to move forward whilst only looking backwards will probably do just 1 thing…cause an injury!

So, this week, as you journey, I encourage you to (and pray that you will)…stop looking backwards!

Isaiah 43:19 19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.


Past – Present – Future… a blessing in song from Romania, lockdown greetings cards and yet another look back into our picture archive

Make me your church and be with me, always with me; a song of comfort and reassurance from Zsuszi and Andor 

Zsuzsi and Andor Ferco and their two children, whom many here at MBC have known for a good number of years, are currently living and working in a Hungarian speaking part of Romania, and during this time of isolation and lock-down they have recorded a beautiful old Hungarian hymn. 

Pastors Zsuzsi and Ferkő Andor like us are working remotely as alongside a third pastor they address the needs of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Odorheiu. Their church which is called Belvaros Reformatos Egyhazkozseg in Hungarian is featured in the video, which can be found at by clicking on this link or on the photo. 

The words of the hymn are:

Always with me Lord, even when my sinful eye cannot see you.
That is why I sing to the Lord, because He is always with me.

You promised to Your people that your Holy Spirit will live in them.
Make me your church and be with me, always with me.

In my despair and in my fear and in my sadness I know that I am safe in your arms.
During the  days and in the nights of  sorrow the Lord is with me, the Lord is with me, always with me.

When I will see you in the home where sin, disappointment and death cannot harm me,
I will sing forever the Lord is with me, the Lord is with me, always with me. 

Karen crafts some beautiful cards

During the lockdown Karen Ross has started to make cards and pictures using quilling. For the uninitiated (and that includes me) quilling is  an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greetings cards, pictures, boxes, eggs, and to make models, jewellery, mobiles etc.

Karen says she had not done it before but is now really enjoying it. So far she has produced  lots of pictures, mainly birds and flowers. Here are a rainbow of smaller ones!

Another home group takes to Zoom.  This picture was sent in by David Casson.

And finally a few more pictures from MBC’s picture archive including: 

Youth Pastor Jonathan Hayward (1988 – 1992), a couple of images from Pulse, day trips (ancient and fairly modern) and a couple of wacky ones from Rewind and Moortots.  WITHOUT YOUR INPUT THIS PAGE WOULDN’T EXIST. PLEASE KEEP YOUR STORIES AND PICTURES COMING IN. 

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