Romanian Visit 2011


In 1991, Paul Hicks got the Church involved with the Monastur Baptist Church in Cluj and then with the Hungarian Reformed Church in Stejeris.

MBC has been in intensive sustained partnership with these two churches ever since.
Visitors have travelled in both directions very often.
Mrs G (Moortown Romania Support Group) aims to serve the churches by facilitating links between them.

To celebrate twenty years of being together, a group of 15 Romanians, including the pastors of both churches, came to Leeds at the end of March.

Three gatherings gave everyone in the church an opportunity to welcome them and enjoy their company.

Saturday 26 March: Morning and early afternoon: A conference about how all three churches live the Gospel and witness to Christ in our different situations and changing times.
Sunday 27 March: Morning service with the pastors of Cluj and Stejeris sharing the Word of God with us.

Various stories and reflections on twenty years’ experience have been added to this website. The first comes from Paul Hicks who got us started….

Norman Hiley has written a moving reflection of his relationship with the church in Romania.

Karen Ross has written two articles, the first a recollection of fund-raising events for Romania in Leeds. Karen’s second article is a moving recollection of some of her experiences in Romania, with some lovely photos.

Haddon has written two thought-provoking articles “Stories from Romania” and “Questions from Romania” which are well worth taking the time to read.

Howard has written a piece on “Making sense of Romania?” which is well recommended.

We have put images of two original documents on the website, the twinning invitation and the handout that started the fund-raising efforts at Moortown.

Don’t miss also the opportunity to listen to two sermons, one from Noemi Soos and the other from Gigi Cosman which will greatly affect you.

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