• to have confidence in responding to safeguarding concerns about children, young people and adults at risk within the church and know what support is available if needed
  • to build a greater understanding of safeguarding and why it is important within the church context
  • to be aware of different types of abuse
  • to be champions in safeguarding

Here at MBC we appoint certain people to specific safeguarding roles; that’s a picture of our team above. So if anyone ever has any concerns please contact one of the team and pass on what ever it is that’s bothering you. 

In fact that was the message Margaret repeated time and time again: “if something feels not quite right and it’s keeping you awake at night pass it on. Not however, to one of our ministers but to one of the safeguarding team.” 

We have added direct links to both the Safe to Grow and Safe to Belong in the opening paragraph but for more information on safeguarding issues visit https://www.baptist.org.uk/ and follow the links to safeguarding.