The Bible 2011

We believe that God calls us to follow and in Christ and that we are chosen as God’s covenant partner in the world. He reveals himself through scripture which we discern together.

In 2011 we are encouraging everyone who is part of MBC to read through the bible in a year. Any year is good for this, but 2011 is particularly special as it is the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James’ Bible

This can sound daunting to some; whereas others may remember a time when they have done this in the past.

Either way, we believe that this will be a rewarding way of discovering more of God and his way through the bible.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Decide to do this for 2011
  2. Collect a card from church
  3. Decide which version of the bible works for you
  4. Choose a time in your day to read
  5. You may like to have a little notebook to jot down ideas or questions
  6. Come to a catch up meeting:

There is one on 4pm Sunday 27th February details available from MBC and on this website nearer the time.

Some people might prefer to listen rather than read, so we have put the reading list from the card on the web site here with links to a spoken NIV version.

We will be organising other events so look out for those on the website.

Here are some other ideas to help:

Visit the Lyfe website:

 Click on the Word Lyfe section which has a set of interesting bible studies.

For Lent( the time leading up to Easter) It starts on Wednesday 9th March and ends on Saturday on the 23rd April (the day before Easter Sunday:

During Lent reflect on the Bible messages and to frame them into today’s language and culture.

Use your own experiences of

God, life and your own observations of the world to write either:

• a modern-day parable (max 150 words)

• a modern-day psalm (max 300 words)

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