Church at Home, Sunday May 30 – Jesus the Healer

This coming Sunday, May 30th we reach the end of our Journeying with Jesus series. On this final week we look at Jesus the healer taking Luke chapter 5 verses 17 to 26 as our text. 

Phil Commons will be in the chair for our live stream welcome (10.45am on Facebook) and then after that you can switch over to our YouTube channel for our pre-recorded programme a link to which is HERE 

As usual there’s a chat mat which you can either download from HERE or pick up from the box in front of church. 

Pentecost at MBC – Sunday 23 May. Join us in the upper room from 10am

Dear friends

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost. It’s the day we remember that amazing moment when the friends of Jesus received the power of God’s Holy Spirit. This is the same spirit that Jesus gives to you and me, the spirit of truth (John 14:17) God with us (1 John 4). There are a few ways in which we can celebrate together. For instance here’s a link to our YouTube playlist a mix which includes songs, bible teaching, prayer and more. 

There will also be a live stream on the Moortown Baptist Facebook page 10.45am -11 before the playlist. If you are on Facebook, do join in and share some thoughts to encourage each other in the comments as you watch. 

Also I’ll be opening up a breakfast virtual ‘upper room’ at 10am for half an hour for anyone who wants to join for prayer, listen to some music, hear from God together.  Feel free to bring your breakfast.  All ages welcome.  There’s no pressure to say anything, although opportunity to share if you want to, its just a time to come together like the disciples did. Details below…

Topic: Shelley Dring’s virtual upper room

Time: May 23, 2021 10:00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 8421 3313

Passcode: 092502

Finally we’ll be making cake in a cup on Sunday so here’s your list of ingredients so you can be prepared to bake along (It could get messy!)….

4 tbsp self raising flour

4 tbsp castor sugar

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 egg

3 tbsp milk

3 tbsp veg oil/sunflower oil

A drop of vanilla essence (or orange or peppermint for a change)

2 tbsp chocolate chips, nuts or raisins (optional)



Sunday 16th May, MBC visits the Baptist Assembly’s Service for All – 10.30am live via the link below

Like so many other things this year’s Baptist Assembly is taking place virtually. It runs from Thursday the 13th of May until Sunday the 16th. Below you will find a full programme of events including, by following this link what looks to be some brilliant activities for children

To show MBC’s support for the Baptist Union, and also by way of a change we thought that on Sunday May 16th, and following a 10am Zoom Communion in place of Church at Home we could as a whole church join with congregations and assembly delegates from all over the world for a very special online service. The Service for All begins at 10.30am, lasts for just over an hour and can be accessed by either clicking HERE or by going direct to

Not just for Service for All, but throughout the entire 2021 gathering the keynote speaker will be Shane Claiborne (see video and then the text below*) who will be exploring the theme: Heal our hearts – heal our streets – heal our world.   

Besides Sunday morning’s Service for All the four day event will feature seminars, times for reflection and prayer, BU elections and presentations from a number of affiliates. THE FULL ASSEMBLY PROGRAMME IS AVAILABLE EITHER HERE  OR AT The Baptist Union of Great Britain : The Baptist Assembly Please note that to take part in some of the sessions (but not the Sunday Service) you may be required to register. 

* Shane worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, and founded The Simple Way in Philadelphia.  He heads up Red Letter Christians, a movement of folks who are committed to living ‘as if Jesus meant the things he said’.  Shane is a champion for grace which has led him to jail advocating for the homeless, and to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to stand against war. Now grace fuels his passion to end the death penalty and help stop gun violence.

Shane’s books include Jesus for President, Red Letter Revolution, Common Prayer, Follow Me to Freedom, Jesus, Bombs and Ice Cream, Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers, Executing Grace, his classic The Irresistible Revolution, and his newest book, Beating Guns. He has been featured in a number of films including ‘Another World Is Possible’ and ‘Ordinary Radicals’. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Shane speaks over one hundred times a year, both in the USA and internationally. His work has appeared in Esquire, SPIN, Christianity Today, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal, and he has been on everything from Fox News and Al Jazeera to CNN and NPR. He’s given academic lectures at Harvard, Princeton, Liberty, Duke, and Notre Dame.

A note from Shelley about Church at Home, Sunday 9th May. Jesus the miracle worker

This week our theme for Sunday is ‘Jesus the miracle worker’. It’s available on our YouTube playlist a link to which is HERE and we have a Facebook live introduction from 10.45 to 11am which you can get to HERE
I do hope you are finding this series helpful. Thank you to those who have shared their thoughts on it each week and encouraged others who have taken part. Despite the challenging times, it’s been good to see so many people contributing to leading people in worship, teaching, prayer and conversations including many who have stepped out in faith to do it for the first time. 
Focusing on Jesus reminds me of a song I used to sing when I was little…
When the road is rough and steep,
Fix your eyes upon Jesus,
He alone has power to keep,
Fix your eyes upon Him.
Jesus is a gracious Friend,
One on whom you can depend,
He is faithful to the end,
Fix your eyes upon Him.
“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”  2 Corinthians 4:18  
As usual Chat Mats are available to download HERE or to collect from outside MBC. 
I pray we all see Jesus this week. 
God bless 

Church at Home, 2 May – Jesus the teacher

This week our Journeying with Jesus reaches the gospel of Luke, chapter 15 verses 1 to 31. This passage looks at three separate parables relating to a lost sheep, a lost coin and a lost son. 

The chat mat for all this is available for download HERE or of course for collection from the box outside church. 

As usual our live stream welcome begins at 10.45am on Facebook (either HERE or at and the link to our prerecorded Church at Home programme is HERE

Church at Home, Sunday 25th April – Jesus the shepherd

Ayo! This week out Journeying with Jesus series takes us to the gospel of Matthew, chapter 18, verses 12 to 14; The Parable of the Lost Sheep. 

As usual you can join us for our live Facebook welcome which will begin at 10.45am by either clicking HERE or going to  

And then after that you can switch over to our C at H YouTube channel  to take part in our pre-recorded  programme. A link to this is HERE

Chat mats available as usual either from the box at the front of church or for download HERE

Church at Home 18th April. Jesus the Friend

Sunday April 18th sees us looking at Jesus the friend. During our service we shall be unpacking the story of Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha’s home based on the account we find in Luke chapter 10 verses 38 to 42. 

However, before our usual live stream welcome which you can join us for at 10.45am on or alternatively HERE Shelley will be hosting a 10am Zoom Communion, with invitations being sent out in the usual way. 

Naturally there’s a chat mat, available for download HERE or to collect from outside church. And the link to our YouTube playlist is HERE

Church at Home – Sunday 11th April – Jesus the chef

On Sunday 11th of April we continue Journeying with Jesus. Today we look at Jesus the chef with John chapter 21 verses 1 to 14 as our text.

To join us for our live 10.45am Facebook stream you will need to go to or to click HERE and then afterwards to take part in our pre-recorded YouTube programme you’ll simply need to click HERE

This week’s chat mat is again available from the box on the MBC steps or by download HERE 

Easter Day – Church at Home – remember there’s no live stream but at 10.30am we start the day on Zoom with a live, all age communion

On Easter Day we begin our worship at 10.30am with a live all age communion zoom. Invitations to this will or already have been sent out to everyone on our mailing list. However, if you haven’t received one and you would like to join us all you need to do is contact Shelley on and she will add you to the list. 

Following that you are all invited to switch over to the MBC YouTube channel for a full blown Easter Celebration. Once again Chat Mats are available (I nearly but not quite said compulsory) and as in previous week’s they can either be picked up in person from the box in the doorway at church or download right HERE

Elsewhere on the website you can find a full list of everything that’s happening at Moortown over Easter but if you have children one of things I think looks absolutely brilliant is the QR Code trail. Being of a certain age I know very little about QR Codes but those much younger than me tell me that it involves finding a number of yellow signs in the MBC carpark, scanning them on your mobile phone and hey presto you’re straight through to a video all about the Easter story… a special bonus is, I’m told, that if you do this between 10am and 4pm on Saturday April 3rd you’ve also a fair chance of finding some chocolate eggs! 

So we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday either live on zoom or even more virtually via our YouTube playlist.

Church at Home. Palm Sunday – 10.45am, 28th March

Our Palm Sunday Service begins with a live stream welcome at 10.45am on Facebook. To join us you will need to either follow this link or simply click HERE

As we continue Journeying with Jesus our title this week is Jesus the King and our text Matthew chapter 21 verses 1 to 11.

Once again there is a accompanying Chat Mat. This can be downloaded HERE or you can of course collect your own paper copy from the box outside church.

Meanwhile the link to our full YouTube playlist is HERE.  

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