At Moortown Baptist Church the word community means you, me and everyone else. In our particular area achieving that degree of inclusion is very challenging being as it is a microcosm of society.

The reason we choose to use such a word as microcosm is because of the sheer diversity of LS17. It’s an area where within just a few minutes walk you can go from strolling past gated mansions to finding yourself standing outside a foodbank. In other words it’s an area with sharp edges… where affluence and poverty really do live side by side.

Two examples of how MBC engages with the community, both close to home and slightly further afield are What Matters and Leeds Citizens. The former is a home grown project which directly challenged the community to tell us what matters most to them, the latter is an ongoing initiative which will see the church join with a large number of like minded organisations in order to encourage those in authority to take a long hard look at issues of social justice and the common good.





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