We believe that a healthy church community has a strong missions focus and must hold in its heart Jesus’ command to share the “Good News” at home and “to the ends of the earth”. We therefore lay a lot of emphasis upon home and foreign mission. Over many years people associated with Moortown Baptist Church have felt called of God to up roots and move away to many parts of the world in His service.

We believe it is important to support those God has called and so we produce a prayer reminder leaflet three times each year based on extracts from the latest prayer letters we have received. We also budget to provide regular support to those we have close links with as well as trying to respond to needs that we are made aware of from time to time. The greater part of the church’s giving to overseas mission is channelled through BMS World Mission with which the majority of our missionaries have served over the years. In order to encourage mission in our church family we provide some grants for short term mission work and to help some of our own young people to spend time in specific mission led areas during summer breaks.

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