The Amity Foundation is an independent Chinese voluntary organisation created on the initiative of Chinese Christians. Jane Coates led a team of volunteers to China for the Amity SEP Teaching Programme in 2010 and this video is a short introduction on what is programme is about. The Education Division is just one aspect of Amity’s work.

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More about Amity Foundation:

  • Amity’s goal is to ensure that everyone receives equal educational opportunities.
  • Amity’s Educational programmes focus on balancing educational resources between cities and the villages and towns in rural areas.
  • Amity provides Specialist Teachers from abroad to support Chinese Foreign Languages Teachers working in rural areas.
  • Amity wants Chinese teachers to be able to expand their educational and job opportunities. It provides scholarships for Teachers to receive further training.
  • Amity provides schools for the children of migrant workers.
  • Each year Amity operates an intensive English Language Summer Programme.

Latest News
Please read Jane’s latest report from Suining, China where our team of four went over in the Summer of 2011 on the above programme.

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